Connection to Coleman family in America

Started by Theodore Charles Coleman on Friday, May 28, 2010


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5/28/2010 at 2:49 PM

Frances mapes was the father of Thomas Mapes who was the father of Mary Mapes born 1662. Mary mapes married William Coleman born 1650. Place connected with them is Glouster, Mass. This William was the son of William Coleman born 1619 in England. He was sent to America as an indentured servant and bonded out to a farmer in either Glouster or Fall River, Mass.. The story is that he married that farmer's daughter and she bore a son. No record so far has been found as to who that farmer and his daughter could have been.
I am tenth generation descended from William Coleman. Me, my father , his father and his father were all born in Connecticut. My brother Terry and I now live in Arizona.
There is another part of the family with whom I share a direct ancestor , namely a John Coleman (1753) of Mount Hope , New York. These people live in the Globe, Arizona area and have been there almost 100 years. I have not met them but briefly exchanged e-mails.

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