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5/28/2010 at 9:36 PM

In a planet increasingly resembling one giant maximum security prison, the only intelligent thing to do is plan a jail break.
But most of my gene pool have beliefs. If you have beliefs you have no intelligences.
You believe because you are scared of the unknown. Intelligence & genius also dont have much to go on without information & knowledge which is restricted by the press, TV and Education system.
All of these are owned by businessmen who really dont care about you...they only care about executing their business plan perfectly to hoard profits..
you think a bunch of people in some room somewhere.....they give a fuck about your education and information input...they dont ...they want to control the information input to make you behave in a predetermined way. Its called neuro linguistic programming and its the most modern form of magick ...but like anything else can fall into some greedy hands and be used to conrol rather than awaken.

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5/28/2010 at 9:44 PM

So>....what do we do? .....we start building our own maps based on information that we have personally or communally accumulated, absorbed, organized and communicated....using any medium......instead of believing the maps we've been brainwashed to believe since childhood....the religious maps, the educational maps, the political maps....start questioning everything....leave no stone unturned........Science, technology, health, Psychology, Philosophy, Agriculture..etc...EVERYTHING....or read my article on sustainablilty for a futurist on fractalenlightenment.com :D coz i started this research about 2 years ago...:D

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5/28/2010 at 10:04 PM

Don't fear the unknown....Insanity, Hallucination ..these are all observational perspectives of peers who believe that everything can be put into words and hence they are not intelligent because they havent realized that thoughts are operating at speeds of pictures and expresions....light years faster than it takes for you to come up with the words for those pictures and expressions....
there are millions of neurons firing in the amount of time it takes to say one word....and yet they think they can reduce all people to words....inert empty words.......
Moreover the person experiencing the insanity or hallucination seems to be quite into it, taken aback, amazed by the level of detail.....lucid detail about events in our world that nobody in their childhood provided....its only our social conditioning that pushes these gems away for thinking differently by calling them mental.
These people who use language for subliminal wars are FOOLS of the highest order...coz they themselves dont believe their shit and look to impose their reality on others while making them feel stupid about their reality.....

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5/28/2010 at 10:32 PM

Christianity and democracy are the worst disasters to befall the human race in the long & profitable career of fanaticism on this planet.
Everyone knows of the bloody medieval witch hunts of the church where they imagined witches everywhere and burnt 10,000,000 women at the stake among countless other atrocities against many indigenous cultures all over the world on the
basis of hysteria, superstition and the kind of hearsay and rumor
that no modern court would permit to be entered as evidence....its no wonder then that the pope is one of the richest men in the world controlling the surplus wealth of an estimated 2 billion Catholics while half the planet takes birth & dies in poverty..
beliefs, monarchies, even modern fascist and
communist nations have all had some records of tyranny and
general human oppression, but collectively they have been much
less aggressive and war-like than the democracies, from ancient
Athens to modern America.
Most of this behaviour is of course based on arrogance, megalomania and a deep- rooted sense of total moral superiority over others less fortunate than themselves. But there is one unique delusion that is shared by both the "religion of love" and the "politics of liberty" and that is that we are born with some kind of blessed "free will"....that we're different form the rest of the natural world.
The facts of modern biology and psychology
have demonstrated clearly and conclusively that 99 percent of the
human race is in a robotic or zombi-like state 99.99999 percent of the
time. The habits make one robot different form the other.....and this does not refer to "other people." It refers to YOU AND
In the orient it is clearly understood that all of the flora and fauna that exist are just equally expressive of the "life force" and have just about as much free will as us BUT still behave mechanically LIKE US. The whole goal of all the systems of the orient is to wake up from this egoistic trance of us being superior.

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5/28/2010 at 11:10 PM

But there have been many occult traditions or schools of hidden knowledge that have understood that although humans are born as mechanical as the wild primates , there are techniques by which we can become less mechanical in daily and yearly increments toward
freedom and responsibility. And it also recognizes that this way of life is not for everyone..some people are happy doing boring repetitive jobs that they dont even like, to make a robotized living.By occult traditions i dont mean the modern pseudo occultism form of it with all their new age bullshit that is full of secrecy and doctrines like their counterparts in religions and government.
These techs of Un-doing and re-robotizing oneself are, of course, of no interest in the Orient, where it is accepted that we are born robots and will die robots. They also forgive easily because they do not expect robots to do anything else but what was programmed into them by the accidents of heredity and environment

The techs are of even less interest in the Christian-Democratic cultures which assume that we are already free and responsible and do not have to work and work HARD to achieve even a small beginning of non-mechanical consciousness and non-robotic behavior.
They are also so bloody-minded because they can forgive nothing, blaming every man and woman for whatever imprinted or conditioned behavior is Taboo.
Some of the occult traditions realize that recognize that robots will behave like robots, and does not "blame" them, but it also
does not forget, for a moment or even a nanosecond, that we are
living in a robotic world — "an armed madhouse" in the metaphor of poet Allen Ginsberg. Those of this tradition know that when a man
spouts Christian and Democratic verbalisms that does not mean he
will act with brotherly love at all, AT ALL; he will go on acting like a
badly-wired robot in most cases.

Unlike the doctrines or all organized religions, pseudoscientists & governments & the new age pseudo-occultism which enforce their beliefs by the sword as the only truth...The occult traditions seeks to provide all the information required to help undo and re-robotize those who have a dawning apprehension of their mechanical state and sincerely want to become less mechanical, as far as that is possible.

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