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5/29/2010 at 3:30 AM

See the post in Debattforum i Digitalarkivet at http://da2.uib.no/cgi-win/WebDebatt.exe?slag=listinnlegg&debatt...
...where Kristian Hunskaar commnted on Jakob's ancestory...
"Neither year of birth nor year of death can be established for Jakob Ormsson. His name appears in a handful of sources, by which we can know that he was an adult in 1527 and that he was still alive in 1548.
There was only one Jakob Ormsson at Lo, at least as far as we know today. The Lo-genealogy has been full of mistakes, and you can exclude Orm Torgeirsson as well as Orm Eriksson from your family tree.
Jakob Ormsson is believed to be the son of Orm at Fiskum in Eiker. Orm is mentioned only once - in a list of tax payers from 1514. Nothing more is known about him.
Jakob Ormsson had three sons (Halvor Jakobsson at Lo, Hans Jakobsson - who adopted Lo/Loe as a family name - and Kristen Jakobsson at Skjeldrum in Skoger), a daughter married to Gudbrand Larsson at Fiskum and Steinset in Eiker, and one child - son or daughter - at Lo.
...Jan F.L. Engedahl and Jens Petter Nielsen published a paper on Loe in 1997. This was the first paper on Loe with a scientific approach. It discussed earlier publications and rejected great parts of them as guesswork and wishful thinking.
It is true that a person named Orm Torgeirsson is mentioned in 1472, but there's nothing that indicates that Orm Torgeirsson should be identified with Orm at Fiskum.
...I don't remember exactly what the paper says about Jakob's wife (and right now I can't find my copy). But I do remember that no sources mentiones her name. A connection to Torstein Alvsson and Kristin Torleivsdotter is likely, because they bought the farm Brattås in 1474 (which Jakob Ormsson sold in 1527), but this fact alone doesn't make her a Torsteinsdotter."

6/5/2011 at 6:34 PM

who is this Mons Ormssön , that sold this land in 1548

and who is this Haldor Ormssöns , mentioned in 1375 as died at Kurien

6/5/2011 at 6:44 PM

here is another one to look in to :
Eilif Ormssön , sold part of Ödegaarden Lidestein in Eiker on 29 Juli 1451.


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