Descendent of Apolinar Zelaya rodriguez & Cruz Arauz Zeledon.

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5/30/2010 at 10:21 PM

Im descedent of APOLINAR ZELAYA RODRIGUEZ Y CRUZ ARAUZ ZELEDON. This mirrages had 7 kids but out of 2 we are descendent and there name were daughter TERESA ARAUZ ZELEDON with her husband Eliseo Agosto Talavera Montalban and BENEDICTO ARAUZ ZELEDON got marry with Esmeralda and their kids fall in love. There name were CLOTILDE ZELAYA y ORLANDO OLISEO TALAVERA ZELAYA and they had a son EDMUNDO TALAVERA ZELAYA my grandfather. Edmundo had a daughter MARTHA CLOTILDE TALAVERA de Delgadillo. Martha had 3 daughter and im the oldest and my name is MARTHA FABIOLA DELAGDILLO TALAVERA.

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