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Augustine's brothers were not half-brothers. #1.William Cobb Jr. b.Sep.18,1830, Corfe Castle, d.1730. #2. Augustine Cobb b.Jan.6,1632, Corfe Castle, d.1714, Taunton,MA. m. 1670 Bethia Harvey; #3. Edward Cobb b.Nov.19,1636, Corfe Castle, d.Oct.4,1675, Taunton,MA. m. Nov.28,1660, Mary Haskins (Hoskins); #4.Phineas Cobb b. Jun.6,1646, Swanage, d. Sep.25, 1672, Swanage, m. Apr.29,1669, Elizabeth Paine. When William Cobb Sr. d. Nov.25,1648, his widow, Dorothy Savie, m. Apr.2,1650, a Henry Vye. I have found no issue from this marriage. Dorothy would have been over 40yrs. old. The Cobbs of Corfe Castle and Swanage, Dorset, Eng. were Blacksmiths and Marble Quarriers (See Morgan Cobb's Will). John Cobb, brother of William Cobb Sr., and his nephews Augustine and Edward Immigrated to the Colonies after 1651, possibly as a result of the English Civil War (See Defence of Corfe Castle Against Cromwell's Forces). The Cobbs were Royalists in support of the King, not Reformists or Puritans. Here in the Colonies they co-existed with the Puritans, with them giving a tract of land in Taunton to John Cobb to start an Iron Foundry. Recently, Dr. Robert Cobb's research has pushed our earliest known ancestry back from William "of Sharnbrook" Cobb b.1442, d.1507, to the 1200's. Dr. Robert Cobb will be publishing his findings in the future. Cliff Cobb

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