Clifford Cobb

Started by Clifford h. Cobb on Tuesday, June 1, 2010


6/1/2010 at 6:30 AM

Someone really screwed up my Ancestry. I am the son of Clifford H. Cobb Sr. b. Sep.4,1920, Fredonia,NY., d. Sep.25,1984, Silver Creek,NY.. The Grandson of William W. Cobb b. Jan.4,1897, Gerry,NY, d. Jun.6,1975, Dunkirk,NY.. The Great-Grandson of Hiram Cobb b. Nov.8,1854, Ellery,NY., d. Dec.3,1937, Fredonia,NY.. The GG-Grandson of William Cobb b. Sep.28,1828, Clarkson,Monroe, NY., d. Mar.12,1901, Gerry, NY.. The GGG-Grandson of Josiah Cobb B. Jul,9,1772, Warwick,MA., d. somewhere in Michigan around 1840. William Cobb b. 1828, was the son of Josiah and his 2nd. wife Phebe Shaw. William and Chauncy Cobb b. Jul. 1,1812, Buckland, Ma. were half brothers. Chauncy's mother, Hannah Crittenden, was Josiah's 1st. wife. Whomever erred on entering my lineage should correct it. Cliff Cobb

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