Hugh Barr's Pension Application -- February 11, 1833

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Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements
Pension Application of Hugh Barr (O’Barr) S32110
Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
State of Indiana }
County of Daviess } SS.
On this eleventh day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and thirty three, personally appeared, in open Court, before his honor James McDonald
Judge of the Probate Court, of said County of Daviess, Hugh Barr, alias Hugh O’Barr, a resident
of Barr Township, in the County and State aforesaid, aged seventy-three years, who being first
duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain
the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress, passed June 7th 1832. That he enlisted
in the Army of the United States in the year seventeen hundred and eighty, with Captain William
Dix, and served in the [blank] regiment of the North Carolina line [sic: Pittsylvania County VA
Militia], under the following named Officers:
That, in the month of April 1780, as near as he can recollect, on the 10th day of the month, at the
house of John Dix, commonly known by the name of Dix’s Ferry, on Dan River about four miles
below the big falls, in Halifax County State of Virginia [where US 58 now crosses], he enlisted
with Captain William Dix as a Drummer, but not liking his situation as had been anticipated, he
was permitted by Capt Dix, to relinquish his then new situation and to shoulder his musket and
take his station in the ranks as a private soldier, which he did; that he marched from Dix’s Ferry,
under Captain Dix to Hillsborough [NC], and from Hillsborough to a place then called Cross
Creek [now Fayetteville]; That at Hillsborough or Cross Creek, (he is not posative which) he was
placed under the command of Captain [first name blank] Samuel, Adjutant Washington, Colonel
William Moore, other officer’s not recollected [see note below]; That from Cross Creek he
marched to many other places, in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, but owing to his
advanced age and the rapid loss (for about five years back) of memory, he cannot recollect the
various districts of country through which he marched, with sufficient accuracy to narrate; That
he was in the battle near Camden, South Carolina [16 Aug 1780], under Gen. [Horatio] Gates, at
the time that General was defeated by Lord Cornwallis, by which circumstance he is enabled to
recollect the period he entered the service of the United States, he having enlisted in April
previous to the day on which that battle was fought; That he was in the battle at Guilford
Courthouse, North Carolina [15 Mar 1781], under General Green [sic: Nathanael Greene]; and at
the time Lord Cornwallace surrendered [19 Oct 1781], he was engaged in driving cattle, (with a
detachment of men under Capt. Copeland and Col. Kid [possibly Kidd] down James River below
the Shallow ford in Virginia, for the support of the American troops; That sometime after his
enlistment and during his service, he was placed under the command of Colonel Henry Dixon [of
the NC Brigade], and under Capt Grey, or Ray; but at what particular period, he cannot recollect,
neither can he recollect whether he was put under the command of Capt Grey, or Ray, at the
same time he was placed under Col. Dixon or not. He served as a private soldier from the day of
his enlistment until the the last day of October (1781) Seventeen hundred and eighty one, after
the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, as near as he can recollect, when he was discharged by Col.
Kid, with whom he was then engaged in driving Cattle as above stated, which was on James River
in [blank] County Virginia. At the time he entered the service he resided with his Father Michael
O’Barr, in Caswell County North Carolina; That at that time he had two Older Brothers in the
Service of the United States, one called Daniel (now deceased) the other Robert; That when he
last heard from his brother Robert (say six years) he resided somewhere in Tennessee, and was
then in the receipt of a pension [application not found]; That his brothers were in the service of
the U. S. three years before he was, and that he has now forgotten in what part of Tennessee his
brother Robert lives, (should he ever require proof of his service,) but he is confident his name
will be found on the rolls of the War Department. After the war, he went to his Uncle’s in York
County Pennsylvania, where he resided about five years, during which time he married in
Fredericktown Maryland. from thence he removed to Bourbon County Kentucky, where he
resided until the year 1811 or 1812, when he removed to Daviess County Indiana, where he now
resides and has ever since resided. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or
annuity, except the present, and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any
Agency of any state. Hugh hisXmark Barr
State of Illinois } S.S.
Edgar County }
On this 15th day of March One thousand Eight hundred and fifty two, personally
appeared before me a justice of the peace within and for the county and state aforesaid, Michael
Barr, a resident of the above named county and state aged 51 years, who being by me first duly
sworn according to law, does on his oath make the following declaration (Viz)
That Hugh Barr his father, now deceased, was a soldier of the United in the war of the
Revolution That his said father entered the service of the United States in the State of North
Carolina in the North Carolina line. That he was in the battles known as Gates defeat or Battle
near Camden, and in the battle at Guilford Court House, that he has heard him say that he was
once taken as a prisoner but he can not remember the place where. He does not remember the
term of his Father’s service. He does not remember the names of his officers except he has
heard him speak of having been under the command of General Greene, That his father after the
close of the war of the Revolution removed to Bourbon County Kentucky and resided there until
the fall of the year AD 1811 at which time he removed to Knox County now called Daviess
County, Indiana, and resided there until the year AD 1835 in the month of September when he
came to Edgar County Illinois and resided with this declarant until the time of his death His
father the said Hugh Barr died in Edgar Co Illinois at the residence of this declarant on the 24th
day of April AD (1842) one thousand eight hundred and forty two, in the Eighty fifth year of his
age from the best information I could get from him. leaving no widow (His first wife my mother
died in AD 1822 and his second wife died in A.D. 1832 as well as I remember) My Father left the
following heirs at law and children (Viz) James Barr, Polly intermarried with John Aikman, Robert
Barr, Michael Barr (this declarant) Hugh Barr, and the children. Viz George T. Barr and John H.
Barr children of Bynam Barr deceased who was the youngest child of the said Hugh Barr
deceased, Polly Aikman and her husband John Aikman are now dead, their children, the most of
them live in Daviess County Indiana, as do also all of the other children and heirs above
mentioned, except this declarant.
My father never received any pension from the United States although he said he was entitled to
receive a pension for his services in the war of the Revolution He once made an attempt to get a
pension, I am not sure whether he made any declaration for that purpose or not. my best
recollection is that he did. He was then living in Daviess County Indiana. I was living where I now
am. I am sure he told me that he had gotten the Hon. John Ewing to attend to the business for
him. The said Ewing was then a representative in Congress from his Congressional district in
Indiana and my further recollection is that he lost or mislaid my fathers papers in the case. Soon
afterwards my father came to live with me, as stated above and he never took any further action
in the premices. He does not know of any person living by whom he can prove his fathers
services. He refers to the annexed and following declaration of James Johnson and Absalom
Pitcher as the best proof he can get in the case. He has never before applied for the benefit of
any law of Congress as an heir of the above named Hugh Barr.
He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension, pay, arrears of pay,
or bounty land or any sum or sums of money to which he may be entitled as one of the heirs of
the above named Hugh Barr under any law or laws of Congress to the benefit of which he may be
entitled. Michael Barr
NOTE: Col. William Moore of the Caswell County NC Militia is not believed to have been in
Camden campaign, but was active in the Guilford Courthouse campaign.

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