Behm and Veit Family Relationship needs revisiting

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6/1/2010 at 6:19 PM

On 31 May 2010 I finally discovered the partial answer to a long-standing question regarding the relationship between the Behm and Veit families. Finding the marriage record of Adam Veit and Kunigunda Boehm on 20 October 1854 in Boston, Massachusetts, previous suppositions have been disproved and more questions have been raised.

Previously, it was thought that Kunigunda was married twice and Henry Behm, born 6 February 1843 and George W. Behm, born 24 May 1847, were the product of her first marriage. However, according to her 1854 marriage record, she was not married before. Her maiden name in this record is Boehm and her father's name is George. Who then are the parents of Henry and George Behm?

The birth record of Simon Veit (9 February 1856) lists his parents as Adam and Mary Veit confusing things even more. In the marriage record of 20 October 1854, Adam Veit's marriage was his second. John Veit (born March 1849) lists his mother's name in his marriage record of 31 March 1879 as Marianna Fuss. Remember Simon's mother was recorded as Mary Veit. Since John Veit was a product of Adam's first marriage, is Marianna Fuss the name of Adam's first wife, or was Kunigunde's name Fuss?

The 23 January 1942 death record of Mary (Veit) Goldsmith, born 3 September 1850 in New York City, New York, cites her mother's name as Kunedie Fuhs.

More answers are needed. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Jackie Harrington

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