Conflicting information on R' Yosef Shlessinger son-in-law of R' Yisroel Ulman

Started by Bashi Elishevitz on Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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6/2/2010 at 6:19 AM

I'm not sure if he's the same person as:

Or to put it differently, there are sources that R' Shlomo Zalman Ulman (אוללמאנן/6000000...) had a son Yisroel, who in turn had a son-in-law R' Yosef Shlesinger. But R' Shlomo was married twice, once to Reizel (Yitel Raisel Ullman - daughter of bunim ginz grandson of R' Akiva Eiger), and the 2nd time to Sarah Cherna. From which married did he have the son Yisroel?

There's a site that says that R' Yisroel was born from the 2nd marriage:

מזווגו הראשון ווערן דערמאנט די קינדער;
א) ר' דוד אולמאנן
ב) ר' משה אולמאנן
ומזווגו השני הרבנית שרה טשארנא, נפטרה חוהמ"ס תרנ"ג ומנו"כ בזענטא ששם ישיבה באלמנוה אצל בתה;
ג) ר' עוזר אולמאנן מבעזדעד
ד) ר' ישראל אולמאנן ראה"ק בעיר גראסווארדיין
ה) חתנו ר' אליהו קליין מהאלמין בנו של ר' שמואל שמעלקא מסעליש בעל צרור החיים
ו) חתנו ר' שמעון פאללאק מזענטא

On the other hand, R' Yosef Shlesinger's grandson the Levi Ha'ivri (עקיבא-יוסף-Akiva-Yosef-Schlesinger-שלזינ...) writes that his family are descendants of R' Akivah Eiger mentioned above which seems to imply that this R' Yisrael was born from the 1st marriage with the Eiger family.

Finally, R' Yosef Shlesinger in this profile is called the grandson of the Chassam Sofer, but the anscestor of the Levi Ha'ivri could surely not be the Chassam Sofer's grandson because he would certainly mention it.

Is that possible that by R' Shlomo Zalman had 2 childen by the name Yisroel and that each had a son-in-law R' Yosef Shlesinger? I think that's very not likely.

If anyone has ideas on the matter please email

6/2/2010 at 9:06 AM

After reviewing this for a while it seems that this connection can't be correct because the years don't add up. R' Yechiel was born in 1810 - 1891 till he was 81 years old, it can't that R' Yisroel Ulman who passed away in 1899 is his great grandfather! R' Yisroel's son-in-law must have been a different person, R' Yosef Shlessinger of Wien neched hachasam sofer - like it says in the the hakdomo of יריעות שלמה.

3/2/2017 at 6:20 PM

Yisroel was a son from the first wife.
the Lev Ivri is not from this family

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