Jenny Lou Pruitt married a Stirling?

Started by Private User on Thursday, June 3, 2010


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6/3/2010 at 11:51 AM

I was looking at the time line and see the connections of Powell/Pruitt/Stirling. From James William Powell, John Henry Powell, and he marries Theodoshia. Now, back to the line of James William Powell, one of his kids, a Sarah Adaline Powell marries a James Spencer Stirling, and their kid, Richard Bartemius Stirling marries our Jenny Lou Pruitt.

So, we have Theodoshia Pruitt and Jenny Lou Pruitt in the Powell Line. We also have the Stirlings Blended into the line. Since Jenny Lou and Theodoshia are sisters, we see them available to the Powelsl and Stirlings.

Now add in the Praytor, Martha. So, the line up is blended with Praytor, Powell, Pruitt and Stirling.

Did Theodoshia marry a Praytor also? We cannot seem to find this man's name. can you?

In the names we have the Hunter name connected to Theodoshia. And we know that story, which was a very short marriage.

On our paperwork, we see J.D. Powell as a kid to Theo and John, but a name for dad was Joe Wheeler on the paper. We see a Julia as the mother, not Theo! Can it be a error, yes, but it is so plain to read as Julia.

I have no records of a Julia and John Henry Powell that had J.D. Powell. So we rule that out. Back to Theo and John having my dad. Any the name change from a Wheeler to a Powell much later on in life. Dad answered the Judge, yes, I am Joe Wheeler????? Then his name became a Powell?????

I am just trying to unravel this mess, if it really is a mess. Otherwise, it is what it is as we see and read it all.

6/7/2010 at 2:09 PM

I've done some searching for a Julia Pruitt and have not had any luck. I have seen the record you speak of that has Julia Pruitt listed as his mother. You're right. It clearly says Julia. Quite puzzling!!

I'm hoping that we can get more Pruitts on here. This family is huge, so there's gotta be somebody that can provide some information on Theodosha. Do you recall her keeping in touch with any of her Alabama kin by any chance?

Private User
6/8/2010 at 6:35 PM

I do not have any recall of that. I had a lady email me about a relative here. I will forward that to you. She is in Georgia or Alabama. But see the email that I forward to you.

Bye Sweety

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