Researching the 300 year gap in Bolding, Bowlding, Bouldinge surname.

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We are trying to bridge the gap in the family tree to answer the question of how the family migrated from Bridgnorth, Shropshire to Sherbourne, Warwick.

William Bolding was Provost of Bridgnorth in 1252 and superintended the construction of a new turret to Bridgnorth Castle. He had the following sons:

William Bolding
Ralph Bolding
Stephen Bolding
Walter Bolding
Andrew Bolding

The Bolding family does not appear at Bridgnorth later than the 14th century but then a Thomas Bolding appears on a subsidy roll in Sherborne, County of Warwick in 1523.

Pedigree of the Bolding family of Warwickshire by William Bickley pub. 1898.

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