Earl Torell & family visit Aunt Edith in Escalon (Palo Alto area) in 1959

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6/9/2010 at 9:57 AM

When I was about 11 My parents drove to California to visit our relatives that I had never met. We saw Hazel and Christine, visited Ernest and Robey in Pacific Palisades and went north to the San Francisco area to visit Aunt Edith and her daughters. My recollections are of the Strawberrys. They were the largest I had ever seen and they came from Aunt Edith's small truck farm. I remember going out to see the field and a small wood shed. I was cautioned to look out for the Black Widow spider because one had been seen around the shed. I couldn't help but wonder at how great it was to have strawberrys outside your house that you could pick anytime you wanted. I understand this land that little shed and farm sat on is now in the middle of Silicon valley and definitely not agricultural anymore. Just a good memory.
Jeff Torell

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