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Started by Lenise Rouse (Fitzpatrick) on Thursday, June 10, 2010


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#1. Steve Zalewski Descendants of Bryan Fitzpatrick, Lord and First Baron of Upper Ossory : a roll of descendants of Bryan Fitzpatrick Lord and First Baron of Upper Ossory Fitzpatrick & Zalewski, Dublin: 2002 114 p. Co-author Ronan Fitzpatrick. "listing descendents [sic] to the fifteenth generation (1485-2000), with biographical notes and research sources" National Library of Ireland B 2B 771

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Volume Year Page Sample location & reference

#2. Old Kilkenny Review Tom Lyng (254) 'Fitzpatricks of Ossory' 1918 National Library of Ireland Ir 94139 o 3

#3. Irish Family History: Journal of the Irish Family History Society Lillian Fitzpatrick Wright 'Some of the Fitzpatricks who went to the USA' 19 2003 113-115 National Library of Ireland Ir 9291 i 4

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