Finn's ancestors

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I don't know if this helps in reconstructing, but I have taken the following from the link below and my personal notes. I'm not sure that I may have missed one of the generations myself in imputing them originally.

I hope this helps in unwinding this record.

Woden[Odin] son of [s/o] Frithuwald s/o Freawine s/o Frealaf [Fridleifr] s/o Frithuwulf s/o Finn s/o Godwulf [Gudólfr] s/o Geat [Ját] s/o Tætwa s/o Beaw [Bjárr] s/o Beaw [Bjárr] s/o Heremod [Heremód] s/o Itermon [Ítermann] s/o Hrathra [Annarr] s/o Hwala s/o Bedwig Bedvig s/o Sceaf [Seskef] s/o Magi [Noe] s/o Móda s/o Vingener s/o Vingethor s/o Einridi s/o Einridi s/o Thor s/o Memnon s/o Tithonius s/o Laomedan s/o Ilus s/o Tros s/o Erichthonious s/o Darda s/o Zara s/o Judah


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