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6/17/2010 at 1:55 PM

adam garman---- Adam German (The German's switched their names to Garman *most of them did* when they crossed over.)
Adam German (afn: 1gx8-pbn) b. 1732 Hess/Erbach, Germany d: 1806 Earl TWP, Lancaster Co., PA
Married 1757
Wife: Barbara (afn: 1gx8-pcv) b. 1736 Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa
crossing: Sept 2 1749 "Wirtembers from Erbach" on Ship "Albany" Robert Brown, ship master. Possibly traveled over with brother Johan Leonard. (not verified by viewing actual document)
children: (not in order)
1. Susanna (afn: 1wl5-q8v) b. 1775 earl twp, lancaster pa
2. peter (1wl5-q93) b. 1777 earl twp, lancaster pa
d: 14 dec 1838 Sinking Springs, Brushcreek twp, Highland Co., VA
3. lewis ludwig ( afn 1wl5-q42) b. 1777 earl twp
4. jacob (1wl5-q6g) b. 1771 earl twp
5.ADAM(afn: 17f7-5w8) b 1769 d. 1806 earl twp
6. johann leonard (afn: 1gx8-q26)b jan 7 1762 ephrata Lancaster pa
d. feb 5 1849
buried Bangor Episcipal Church, Churchtown, Pennsylvania
7. eva ( afn: 1gx8-q8f) b. jan 22, 1765 ephrata lancaster pa
8. barbara (afn: 1176-xf5) b jan 25 1773
d. may 19 1853 earl twp, lancaster co. pa
9. johann george (afn: 1gx8-pjw) b oct 25, 1759 ephrata
10. johannes B (afn: 1wl5-q3t) b 2 april 1763
11. Johann Peter (afn: 1gx8-spg) b. 2 april 1763 ephrata d. 1803

I am in the Johann Peter line. All of the German's changed their name to Garman. Some continued with German, but nearly all changed over.
Parents of Adam German ( Garman)
Johannes Conrad Garman ( afn: 1wl6-84r)
b 1700 Darmstadt, Hesse/Erbach, Germany ( NE of Frankfurt)
Anna Dorothea (Hammer) Garman (afn: 1WL6-850)
b. 1704 Germany
George (afn: 1WL6-866) b. 1722 Germany
Johann Peter (afn: 1WL6-87D) b. 1730 Odenwald, Hesse/Erbach, Germany
John Jacob (afn:1R01-38W) b. 1732 Darmstadt, Hesse/Erbach, Germany
d. 1787 Northumberland Co. Pennsylvania
ADAM GERMAN b 1732 d 1806 Earl Twp/Ephrata
Johan Leonard Garman(or Lenhart or Leonhard) (afn:1GX8-NDW)
b 17 dec 1724 odenwald
d. 13 oct 1813.

research the Ephrata Cloister, Lancaster Co. Pa. There are records of the Garman's being part of the Cloister. 2 death records, one male, one female... families lived outside the actual Cloister, the celibate males and females lived within.

6/17/2010 at 9:18 PM

note: on the comment above. where it says...... Adam Garman --- Adam German...... Adam Garman is the son of Adam German.

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