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6/25/2010 at 1:42 AM

On Memorial day 2010 as I was planting flowers at the cemetery, I realized that there was no flag on G'pa Roy Baier's grave. So knowing that Joe Varner had found Roy's registration card, I knew that he must have spent some time in the service. So I took a copy of the paper work to the local Veteran's office. They looked at it and decided that yes he had been in the Infantry. With the dates that was on the form, the man in the office concluded that Roy Baier had been in WWI BUT was in the Mexican War. This war started when Pancho Villa goingt into New Mexico and started shooting and killing US citizens. At this time President Wilson sent General Pershing in to Mexico to find Pancho Villa. This was all happening at the beginning of the war in Europe. It is stated on Roy Baier's Military Record form that he was in Vera Cruz, Mexico on April 24, 1914. He was a Private of Company A of the Seventh Regiment. And he was a cook. He was 21 9/12 years old when he enlisted on November 27, 1911. He did his 3 years and then got out on November 26, 1914. But on the Registration Card it has a date of June 5, 1917. So I am unclear as to whether or not G'pa Baier had re-enlisted for another 3 years.

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