Gossip by D.Ravikumar

Started by N.G NAIR on Friday, June 25, 2010


6/25/2010 at 5:39 AM

Unfortunately rather accidently happened to see your write up and its reaction from several
points aha it is interesting;;;;;;

By declaring this truth you are other way digging the grave for yourself as all of you are come
from the same root and very same soil. When you sow wheat you can't harvest paddy.
now all of u need a reformation.

in my opinion it is more approprite if u classify it as EGOISM instead of Gossip which normally
develop due to money power and or political power. Here the later one doesnot arise as none
of these are fit for that . All those are living in a such an environment where they always think
about money . they dont think that we all are on a contract basis landed in this earth when the
contract period is over we have to get back our own destination. Everything is controlled by the
creator and the ruler of the Universe. Therefore, create an amiable climate to our acting
well wishers and bury the EGOISM which is malignant .

Please keep your mind pure and serve mankind with love and affection as this is the only
way for self realisation.

Aliyan 25/6/10

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