Charles H. Ley - Democratic Candidate for County Treasurer

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6/26/2010 at 7:24 AM

Colt couldn't get the photocopied newspaper article to scan, but here's what it said:

Democratic Candidate for County Treasurer

The constant custody of thousands of the people's money gives the county treasurer an importance at once obvious and impressive. The responsibility involved in the care of the county funds, however, is but one of the many considerations which combine to make the office of county treasurer highly important.

Tuscarawas County voters are already familiar with the splendid record in office of the present treasurer, Charles H. Ley, who thoroughly understands every detail of the office, is strictly honest and efficient and will no doubt maintain the same standard of efficiency in the management of the office if elected to a second term. --- From the Ohio Democrat and Times.

Here is what W.S. English and Fred'k Glauser, the two examiners appointed by Judge Barnhill to examine the treasury say:

"The duties of the office under Charles H. Ley and his efficient deputies, John A. Lineberger and R.E. Ley have been executed in a highly commendable manner: not once did we call for any proof, necessary to verify accounts, that it at once was not forthcoming. The people of Tuscarawas County have in them most faithful and efficient servants."

W.S. English
Fred'k Glauser

If, in your judgment, I have "made good", I will appreciate your influence and support in my efforts to secure a second term, and promise the same faithful and efficient service I have endeavored to render in the past.

Respectfully yours,


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6/26/2010 at 7:24 AM

Robert E. Ley@robert

9/10/2013 at 8:03 AM

Not sure if this is the same Charles H. Ley:

My grandfather lived in Canton, OH from the late 30s until the 50s and he saved many matchbooks. I have begun to catalog them, after 14 years, and am attempting to contact relatives of the names I come across to share a little bit of this history. You're free to copy this image and use it in any way you see fit. I don't claim to own any of these matchbook images, I'm just sharing them.


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