Weisenfeld Family Members: Corrections (?) and Additions (?)

Started by Stephen Richard Glazer on Thursday, July 1, 2010


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7/1/2010 at 12:01 PM

Shalom Andy,

It appears to me as if you have 2 Raizel Weisenfelds on the tree, and it would appear to be incorrect. See what I have written in the past and see if there is some way you can work on these names:

Before I go on detailing the families of each of the 7 children of Avraham Brandfeld, I want to digress a bit to talk about the role of the Weisenfeld family. I have already indicated that the Weisenfeld family appears in 2 places on the Brandfeld/Brondfield Family Tree:

1. The name of the first wife of Aharon (Urish) Brandfeld was Sarah Weisenfeld.(It was not Raizel Weisenfeld)
2. The name of the husband of the sister of Aharon (Urish) Brandfeld, Raizel Brandfeld, was Mordecai Yehuda Weisenfeld. This union proves even more interesting when we discover, later on in this narrative, that the granddaughter of Raizel Brandfeld/Mordecai Yehuda Weisenfeld (Ruth Weisenfeld) married the grandson of Aharon Brandfeld/Sarah Weisenfeld (Jerome Brondfield).

For those of you who read this narrative who are direct relatives of the Weisenfeld family, including Rick Greenberg, I am enclosing some genealogical information that was communicated to my father by Sid Simon in that same letter of 1960. This part of her letter deals with the genealogy of the family of Sarah Weisenfeld, the first wife of Aharon (Urish) Brandfeld. Sid communicated the following details:

1. Nathan Weisenfeld married Molly (I am guessing that her name was known in Galicia as Malka).

2. Nathan and Molly Weisenfeld had at least one offspring: Abraham Isadore Weisenfeld (most likely Avraham Yitzchak Weisenfeld), who married Rose Jeanette (probably Roiza or Rachel Shaindel).

3. Avraham and Rose had at least 3 children: Sarah Weisenfeld, Rebecca Weisenfeld Forstenzer, a daughter who married someone with the surname Beyer.

My question to you, Andy is: are any of these Weisenfelds connected to your Weisenfeld family? How?

Stephen Glazer, Jerusalem

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7/2/2010 at 9:02 PM

aharon branfeld must have been friends of mordechai weisenfeld and marred each others sister or the girls were friends.
on 3 did you meen mordechai'sbrother ? nettie or nathan was mordechai's son

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7/2/2010 at 9:04 PM

did jerome brondfeld live in jersey city? ill ask my mom

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7/2/2010 at 9:13 PM

rick has sarah's last name as kukuk not weisenfeld as aharon's wife ?

7/3/2010 at 12:02 PM

Shalom Andy,

1. Aharon Brandfeld may very well have been friends with Mordecai Yehuda Weisenfeld, but I would be willing to bet that there was a much deeper family relationship.

2 . Aharon Brandfeld was, as I wrote in one of my earlier notes to you, married 3 times: the first marriage was to Sarah Weisenfeld (daughter of Avraham Yitzchak Weisenfeld and granddaughter of Nathan Weisenfeld), and from this marriage were born children all of whom ended up living in Cleveland. Nathan Brondfield, Izzie Brondfield, Mary Simon. Rose Corman was another child, who died while she was giving birth in New York, but her 3 children all lived in Cleveland. Jerome (Jerry) Brondfield was raised in Cleveland and was the son of Nathan Brondfield. He married Ruth Weisenfeld, who was the daughter of Nathan Brondfield's first-cousin, Pinchas Weisenfeld. Jerry and Ruth lived in the New York area, and they had a daughter, Ellen King (resident of the D.C. area) and a son, Eric Brondfield of San Fransisco.

Aharon Brandfeld's second marriage was to Sarah Kukuk. From this marriage were born 2 daughters, including my grandmother, Anna Brandfeld Glazer (and her sister, Clara/Chaya Brondfield, who was unmarried).

Aharon Brandfeld's third marriage was to Rifka Brenner, and to them were born 6 children, 2 sons who made aliya to Israel in1925 and in 1932, and 4 others who perished in the Holocaust along with their mother.

3. My late father, Albert Glazer (1918-2004), was briefly engaged to another of Pinchas Weisenfeld's daughters: Rhoda (who became Rhoda Greenberg), aleha hashalom. It was never very clear as to why the engagement broke up. One theory was that the Weisenfelds were much more observant than the Glazers. My siblings and I are open as to suggestions as to why this broke up. My mother subscribes to the religious reason. I should really ask her sons as to what they know.

Kol Tuv,


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