M.G.Radhakrishnan-King of Light Music departs

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7/3/2010 at 3:40 AM

With the demise of M.G.Radhakrishnan, coming close on the heels of the death of another great man Girish Puthanchery,an era in Malayalam music world has come to an end. MGR is credited with introducing a new light music culture to Keralites. At a time when film music was ruling the roost for the common man and carnatic music was having a sway on the elite, it was radhakrishnan, who brought a whiff of fresh air to Malayalam music.
He was instrumental in making light music as a mass music entertainment media by blending both the music forms, which was liked and accepted by both the elite and common man.
”Lalitha sangeetha padam” which was presented by MGR in All India Radio has nurtured the music culture of an entire generation .Who can forget those mesmerizing songs like Oodakuzal vili…ozhuki ozhuki varum,Ghana shyama ….which even today are regarded as evergreen songs of Malayalam. Radhakrishnan will be known more for the contributions he made to light music rather than as a film music director.

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