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Started by Mecheline Zuiderwijk on Saturday, July 3, 2010


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7/3/2010 at 5:53 AM


This site says it's most likely that Laureyns parent is Jan, and his grandparents should be Willem and Margriet. (this text is also in the overview of Laureyns) But in this geni tree the parent of Laureyns was said to be Willem. I've fixed this but now I wonder if Beat and Hendrik are Laureyns siblings or Aunt and Uncle. Do you know?
I've found some information here: I'm also wondering what is in the book of J.C.F. van Osch.

So at the moment the tree is probably not correct. Please correct otherwise I'll do some more research later.

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7/3/2010 at 10:29 AM

I really don't know. Geanealogy is a science! ;-) What a resource.....

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