Abe Wolkoff's History (as told by Sol Wolkoff in 1997)

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1915 Abe and Rose Wolkoff left Russia after Abe was wounded twice fighting for the Russian Army in WW1. The second wound was from being shot, and after learning he would be moved back to the front lines he left a hosptial in the Carpathian Mountains near Romania.

Abe married Rose, who was his first cousin. Abe's parents were Moses and Libby Wolkowiskey. Rose's parents were Sam and Toba Pelta Lanbord Wolkowiskey. Sam and Moses Wolkowiskey were brothers.

Abe and Rose married to leave Russia, with Abe using his brother Joe's passport and Abe and Rose officially traveled as brother and sister. The first stop was Vladivostok, then Harbin, Manchuria, including 450 miles across Siberia. They reached Kobe, Japan were a refuge organization - Hayas - sent them to Seattle, WA aboard the Canada Maru January 1916.

While in Seatte, daughter Libby is born 7/25/1916.

Abe sends Rose to NYC where he has friends. Meanwhile Abe works about one month in the Tacoma, WA coal mines. He joins Rose and the move to Linden, NJ, where Abe works at Bayway Refinery. While employed there Abe slips and falls while cleaning tanks. The Refinery agrees to allow Abe to sell wares at the gate, which leads to opening "Broadway Cut Price", Bayonne, NJ.

The Wolkoff's settle in Bayonne from 1917 - 1926. Abe moves to Lakewood, NJ and rents118 Clifton Ave. as a sub-let from "Manne", who leases from the building owner "Cella". The building operated as Strauss' 5&10 at 120 Clifton Ave., eventually going bankrupt. Circa 1929-1931 Abe buys 118-120-122 Clifton Ave. from Cella.

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