"And the chicken travelled well?" Weininger from Drachinets and Czernowitz

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7/4/2010 at 11:07 AM

On Sunday, June 26, I attended a memorial service for Harry Weininger in Berkeley. Harry's Weininger family dairy farm was Drachinets, about 6 or 8 km from the Ribner-Weininger dairy farm in Costesti. His GGM Hannah was born in 1857; our GGM Bertha was born in 1859 or 1860. The photo of Hannah W that I will try to post somewhere on Geni shows a very strong resemblence between Bertha and HanahI believe these similarities must be more than just coincidence. They could easily have been sisters or cousins.

I met much of this W family at the memorial service. They sound and feel to me very much like our people, our family. In her eulogy for Harry, his younger daughter Nechama talked about he love of feeding people in the family, including her father.

At the reception, I told Nechama the story of how one time in the 1970s, Gussie (Gusta) came back from the winter in Miami Beach. Sheldon and I went to LaGuardia airport to pick her up and take her back to her apartment in the Bronx. On the way, Sheldon said, "Mom, there is a great new Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. Let's stop to eat there on the way home."

But Gussie said, "What restaurant? Don't be ridiculous! I have a chicken in my suitcase."

So, we arrived and she unpacked and laid out a complete chicken dinner with potatoes and vegetables. Sheldon and I had no choice to eat.

So, when I finished telling this story to Nechama, she asked, "And the chicken travelled well?" She did not see anything absurd about packing a chicken in a suitcase on an airplane to feed the family upon arrival.

Spoken like a member or our Weininger clan.

The question now is what kind of research we can do to see if there is truly a connection.

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