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KAHANA, ABRAHAM ARYEH LEIB BEN SHALOM SHAKHNA (also called Loeb Scheines; d. 1788), rabbi and author. Born in Horodenka, Galicia, where his father was rabbi, Kahana is not to be confused with his great-uncle, Abraham b. Shalom Shakhna Kahana, who was rabbi in Brody, Ostrog, and Dubno. Kahana himself was rabbi in Berdichev and Polonnoye (south Russia). He wrote novellae to the first three and to the fifth orders of the Babylonian Talmud under the title Or ha-Ne'erav, which was published with annotations, Divrei Shelomo, by his son Solomon Zalman (Ostrog, 1824). His homilies and a Bible commentary entitled Divrei Ḥemed and Zer Zahav, respectively, remain unpublished.

Fuenn, Keneset, 34; M.M. Biber, Mazkeret li-Gedolei Ostroha (1907), 84n.; S. Wiener, Kohelet Moshe (1893–1918), 55 no. 439.

[Joseph Elijah Heller]

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