Recent change of death. 2 of his children were either born earlier or not his

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Acoording to Wikipedia RichardII DeCarnville was killed in 1191 during a siege of the fortress of Acre: Richard de Camville (died 1191) was an English crusader knight, and one of Richard the Lionheart's senior commanders during the Third Crusade. In June 1190, at Chinon, he was, with 3 others, put in charge of King Richard's fleet sailing for the Holy Land.[1] In 1191 he was appointed governor of Cyprus, jointly with Robert of Thornham. He died later in the same year at the Siege of Acre.[1][2][3]
He was the son of another Richard de Camville (died 1176), an Anglo-Norman landowner, and Millicent, a kinswoman of Adeliza of Louvain, the second wife of King Henry I.[4]
In England, his holdings included land at Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire,[4] Blackland, Wiltshire,[3] and Speen (possibly posthumously)[5] and Avington,[6] both in Berkshire.

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