your daughter's name and a little Beni family history

Started by Roseann Mahoney on Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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7/7/2010 at 6:55 AM

Hi Jocelyn

First Happy Birthday. I saw Craig when he was a baby since he was born about the time I had Andra. When I saw she was named Louisa I thought that was really nice even if it probably isn't after my grandfathere's name. You probably don't know that Craig's great great gandfather was named Luigi Beni and at one time I almost named my last daughter after both of my grandparents but my other daughters didin't want me to be break the chain of no middle name - the name I had picked but didn't use was Domenica Louise in remembrance of both my grandparents (Luigi and Domenica Beni). My Uncle John Beni (their son died a couple of months before I got married and I still remember fondly helping with some booking keeping - his records were all paper sale sheets and it was supposed to be good experience for my twin sister Barbara and I. His butcher shop was on Orchard Street back then (the street doesn't exist any more). It was around the corner from my mother's dress shop on Wildey Streeet - the dress shop is now a small basketball section in a larger playground. She used to live with Aunt Camellina and Uncle John and watch John and Louis in order to be the first and only of the four Beni girls and two Beni boys who completed high school. Back then most girls didn't go past 8th grade.

Roseann (Smith) Mahoney

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