Anton Lived in the State of Wisconsin, USA but returned to Kleve Germany.

Started by Johannes Gerhard Hospel on Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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8/10/2010 at 9:25 PM

An Original Ship Manifest states that Anton at the age of 23 left for the USA from Hamburg on October 12th, 1922. He lived in the Milwaukee city for several years and after some time returned to Germany. He married Elisabeth Bernzen on May 16, 1933. They had three children, Ludger, Maria, and Willi.
Anton was the manager of the Kolpinghaus in Kleve, Germany for many years. The Bowling Lanes were a great atraction for many people in the city.

8/11/2010 at 6:49 AM

So far, I guess you're right - he was my grandfather. But - can you please tell me again why he wasn't allowed to return to the United States? What about this "horses-story"?
And: Did he travel only once to the United States?

8/11/2010 at 5:29 PM

@Hildegard Noch. I do not know of a "horse story" with respect to Anton Elshoff, your grandfather. It was told to me by my father (Gerhard Hospel) that Anton was not happy in Milwukee shown by his demenor. His word: "Anton was homesick". So the men (it is not clear who these friends or men were. It was my impression that it was the men that had traveled to the USA, all from Warbeyen and area at that time. It was always my understanding the following were in that group of men: Herman Heister, Herman van Dillen, Aloys Elshoff and Gerhard Hospel) here in the State on Wisconsin agreed to gather some travel expense money plus his money and purchase a ticket to go back to Germany.
I never knew that he wanted to go back to the USA again. I have never found a record that he did go back to the USA.
The "Horse-story" was not involving Anton as I understand. It involved the 4 people mentioned above because they were trading horses over the border from Holland to Germany or Germany to Holland. They got caught and to avoid any legal problems (jail for smuggling) it was a way to get out from under all these problems by emigrating. I am not aware of anyother background.

9/8/2010 at 11:01 PM

First, I have to apologize that I didn't react on your detailed answer before! I just thought I would get a reminder by as they did before when you started the discussion!! (So I really wondered if the discussion already had stopped. SORRY for that!)

Well, it's a pity I can't ask my dad anymore about the issue. But I remember he told us about his father being 'homesick' - I just forgot.

I don't know if he planned to return to the US to live there, but there's that other story Papa (Ludger) told us so many times:

When he was a boy, he once stood at the window. His father - Anton - stood beside him, layed his hand on daddy's shoulder and said: "When you're grown up, the two of us will make a long travel - far, far away...".

Anton Elshoff died when his eldest son Ludger was only 11 - and they never managed to realize this journey...
Years later my dad realized that it was the US where his father wanted to take him to.
I dare to say he missed his friends and family over there. And my father always missed you!

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