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28.3.2012 в 12:12 до полудня

Jaak Tulp is our New Curator since Today

Welcome, Jaak!

28.3.2012 в 12:20 до полудня

Welcome, Jaak!

28.3.2012 в 1:04 до полудня

Thank you!

28.3.2012 в 2:44 до полудня

Welcome Jaak!

28.3.2012 в 4:42 до полудня

Welcome Jaak, glad to have you on board!

28.3.2012 в 4:48 до полудня

Welcome Nivea, 24th cousin 36 times removed! Glad to have you on board.

28.3.2012 в 4:50 до полудня

Welcome Carla, glad to have you on board!

28.3.2012 в 6:59 до полудня

Tks Malka!

Private User
28.3.2012 в 4:43 после полудня

Welcome to the team Jack, glad to have you aboard.

Private User
29.3.2012 в 2:46 до полудня

Welcome Jaak :-)

29.3.2012 в 9:48 до полудня

Welcome to all the new Curators..

Private User
29.3.2012 в 10:16 до полудня

I would also like to extend a welcome to all new Curators.

Private User
29.3.2012 в 10:48 до полудня

Welcome, Jaak.

25.5.2012 в 12:17 после полудня

Hello everyone! My name is Linda Thompson.

This morning I found out that I have been approved, and invited as a curator. I am a mother of two and a grandmother of four. Genealogy has been of interest to me most of my life. I started playing around with it when my kids were young, and I had access to a computer in my local library. It was hard to indulge in my interest at that time, but the interest remained. Apparently, there are those in my family that had the interest before me, because I have copies of a few their books. My husband has asked me when I will finish my family tree. I laugh and say, "Never"!

I look forward to learning more here, and hope I can be of help to others in their search for their extended family here on Geni.

Thank you for the nomination Marvin Caulk, (C)! You have been a great teacher over the past year!

And Justin Swanström thank you for all your assistance today! I need all the assistance I can get!

Private User
25.5.2012 в 12:39 после полудня

Welcome Linda,
You're my 14th cousin :-)

25.5.2012 в 1:02 после полудня

Thank you, Private User!

Private User
25.5.2012 в 1:24 после полудня

Linda! Welcome!
I hear you like working with Virginia history. So do I. I am sure we will be able to help each other out many times in the future. I spend about half my Geni-time working on families there.

Also, welcome to the family. You are my 16th cousin twice removed, through the Thornburgs and Daltons. Everywhere I go, I find more cousins.

25.5.2012 в 1:25 после полудня

Welcome to the club Linda!

Cynthia Sue Braxton
25.5.2012 в 1:27 после полудня

Your my 11th cousin once removed :)

25.5.2012 в 2:07 после полудня

Thank you, Ric Dickinson!

The ancestor that we have in common, Cynthia. :) John Browne, of Northampton, VA

Private User
26.5.2012 в 4:02 до полудня

7th cousin once removed - glad to have you on board

26.5.2012 в 4:35 до полудня

Welcome onboard 17th cuzzin once removed.

26.5.2012 в 3:04 после полудня

Thank you Private User, Sharon Lee Doubell, and FRED BERGMAN!

Private User
7.9.2012 в 3:09 после полудня

I live with my Wife and Children in Silicon Valley, California. On Aug 28, 2012 we welcomed our 3rd child into our home - Natan Avraham.

I am a scholar whose expertise is Iberian, North African, Catalonia and Hachmei Provençal Jewish families with oral/written heritage of descent from King David. The migration of these families, post-expulsion, has taken them to East Asia, the Pale of Settlement, Latin & South America, North America and Africa. I have Moshe Shealtiel-Gracian to thank for lighting a fire under my butt in this regard.

Justin Swanstrom suggested I share my knowledge base as expert on the Exilarchs and Gaonim of Israel from the time of the destruction of the 2nd Temple, thru the closing of editing of Talmud Bavli by Ravina II to our contemporary period. Concomitant with expertise in Exilarchs and Gaonim is expertise in their diaspora. I am also a Wikipedia author of many articles regarding Jewish History, Islamic History, Levantine Philosophies and theologies.

I am heavily involved in the Sephardi Jewish Community at home and abroad; my ancestors came to "The New World" over 350 years ago via the West Indies (Caribbean). My religious and intellectual heritage derives from paternal ancestors were Courtiers in the Royal Courts of the Kings of Portugal, the Taifa of Zaragoza, and the Taifa of Denia. My maternal ancestors were Sephardi Kosher vintners of Serbia, Croatia and Trieste.

My hobbies include 'Descent from antiquity' [a subject on which I worked in collaboration with my friend who passed away in 2011, a polymath, Dr David H. Kelley (Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of Calgary)].

Happy to be here among "birds of a feather".

7.9.2012 в 3:23 после полудня

Private User, we'll have to talk about the West Indies at some point! My mother is from the Bahamas and my ancestors came through, among other places, Jamaica and Haiti. And my eldest siblings are half-Cuban.

Private User
7.9.2012 в 3:40 после полудня

Sounds fun, Ashley! Mine pateranl ancestors came into Colonial Virginia from Montserrat, St Kitts, Barbados and Jamaica.

Sadly I've had no call to do any research in Cuba, though I have been told I will find descendants of my Benabides Family branch located there.

7.9.2012 в 3:59 после полудня

I know from oral tradition that I have ancestors from Barbados; I just haven't worked it out on paper yet. Maybe we'll find a connection at some point. :)

7.9.2012 в 4:13 после полудня

Welcome, Jaim. It's great to have you on board.

Private User
7.9.2012 в 5:57 после полудня

Private User, we will have to have coffee or tea soon. I'm in the South Bay. Welcome aboard!

7.9.2012 в 6:15 после полудня

Maybe the three of us can meet next time I'm out there.

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