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Начала Pam Wilson среда, 1 сентября 2010


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Private User
17.2.2012 в 4:09 после полудня

Hallo Lea,
I'm pleased to welcome you as one of the new curators.
It's also nice to find a 22nd cousin 4 times removed ;-)

Private User
17.2.2012 в 9:16 после полудня

Thank you!

8.3.2012 в 2:00 после полудня

My name is Nivea. I Have Been living in Ribeirão Preto in the last 38 years.
Being "Curator " is a great responsibility, an important work.
I have a lot to learn, I am counting on you. I'm also very focused and very motivated.
I started in GENI, invited by a cousin. At first I thought it was only a site of family relationship. But I soon realized it was more.
Over time I thought about leaving the family genealogy for my children and grandchildren. But over time I realized what Geni means.
Your work is incredibly important. "The Big Tree" is telling the true history of Man.
It's a great honor, trying to help a little ...
I really like researching.When I was young, I would like to be Archaeologist. Now, in a way, I'm ...
I'ma painter, I am cultivator of brasilian orchids, (I have a small collection), and I confess ... I have another addiction, I'm golfer ...
I've planted over 3,000 trees, and do not know why, just paint trees... and now I am part of the largest tree in the world ...
Thank you all !

8.3.2012 в 2:01 после полудня

Sorry for my english...

8.3.2012 в 2:13 после полудня

Welcome Nivea. You are my 21st cousin twice removed. Your English is very good and much better than my Portuguese!

8.3.2012 в 2:22 после полудня

Welcome aboard Nivea !

8.3.2012 в 2:23 после полудня

And also welcome to Private User

Private User
8.3.2012 в 6:22 после полудня

Welcome Nivea.

8.3.2012 в 10:41 после полудня

Oi primo 25, desde que você não entenderia Afrikaans, eu recebê-lo em Portoguese sintético

8.3.2012 в 10:42 после полудня

Welcome Nivea!!

9.3.2012 в 12:50 до полудня

Welcome, Nivea Nunes Dias

9.3.2012 в 2:20 до полудня

Nivea Nunes Dias Welcome!

9.3.2012 в 6:31 до полудня

Nivea Nunes Dias Welcome, 24th cousin 36 times removed, great to have a Brazilian artist and Orchid connoisseur Curator aboard--they are such exquisite flowers!

9.3.2012 в 6:43 до полудня

In case I missed them before it is such a delight to also welcome aboard Daniel Jacobus Botes and Jaanus Luuse!

9.3.2012 в 9:38 до полудня

Thank you all!

16.3.2012 в 4:57 после полудня

Hello! My name is Carla Assenheimer. I just received the news that I am the Curator of Geni third in Brazil. I live in southern Brazil where European immigration was large, so this surname (Wolgadeutsche or Russlanddeutsche).
I received my father's interest in genealogy. I think I am the result of all that my ancestors lived.
I'm a little scared of the responsibility, and I count on the help of all.
Sorry my english.

16.3.2012 в 5:30 после полудня

Welcome Carla, and please don't be scared or intimidated. As long as you do what you do best on Geni and try to help on the way you can't go far wrong.

16.3.2012 в 5:50 после полудня

Carla! Very wellcome!!!

16.3.2012 в 6:15 после полудня

I am delighted to have Nivea and Carla joining us as curators. Welcome!

Private User
16.3.2012 в 7:23 после полудня

Welcome Carla

16.3.2012 в 7:34 после полудня


Private User
17.3.2012 в 1:25 до полудня

Welcome Carla.
Enjoy this new experience !

17.3.2012 в 8:37 до полудня


17.3.2012 в 9:05 до полудня
17.3.2012 в 9:36 после полудня

Hello Lauri. Tks.

19.3.2012 в 10:55 до полудня

Welcome Nivea Nunes Dias, your 21st cousin twice removed

Private User
19.3.2012 в 11:44 до полудня
Private User
19.3.2012 в 11:55 до полудня

At first we wern't cousins but now we are !
Hi cousin Nivea :-)

Private User
19.3.2012 в 12:07 после полудня

Welcome, Nivea!

25.3.2012 в 12:13 после полудня

It is so refreshing and rewarding to see the names of people who have helped us newbies out over the last few years announced as curators. Congrats to all!!!!

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