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Started by Shmuel-Aharon Kam (Kahn / שמואל-אהרן קם (קאן on Sunday, September 5, 2010


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10/17/2010 at 7:29 PM

So I did my job as a Curatorial Elf and sent a collaboration request to Private User

She's really going to be overwhelmed now. :)

Private User
10/17/2010 at 9:32 PM

Munchkin, Erica... Curatorial Muchkin... it's important to get job titles like this right. :)

10/17/2010 at 10:57 PM


I set the Zombie Hunter to work. Let me know if that helps.

Private User
10/18/2010 at 1:52 AM

ok ...would anyone be able to rsolve this?

Private User
10/18/2010 at 2:15 AM

Kathy. I got rid of the zombies if that's what you were wanting.

Private User
10/18/2010 at 2:20 AM

thank you, but no its a tree wont merge the parents and it wont let me choose a set ..i guess it will have to wait till the merges go thru

10/18/2010 at 4:02 AM

Try to see it now - I didn't see you Kim sorry!!

Private User
10/18/2010 at 10:48 AM

Kathy, please see here:

Is this the merge you would like completed?

I see an extra parent listed on the right side profile (Thomas). Are you saying that parent is incorrect?

Private User
10/18/2010 at 10:49 AM

P.S. no worry Günther. :-)

Private User
10/18/2010 at 11:13 AM

@Private User

Please see above. Thanks!

10/18/2010 at 1:40 PM

The Wentworth line is a total mess, multiple profiles have multiple parents. Geni will not let me correct much. I have been trying to work these out for a couple of days, these are just a few.
I have posted information on several of the profiles, and will continue.
Elizabeth Wentworth
Thomas "Golden Thomas" Wentworth
Sir Richard Wentworth
Sir Thomas Wentworth, Kt.
Thomas Wentworth, Esq.

I do not like the new merge format, it is not working out for me, trying to straighten things out, it is probably just making it worse.
I moved a node for Margaret Fortescue and merged it with another but the node is still on the tree screen and will not be removed, it just keeps popping up on every tree I view.

There are several other bugs since Geni changed the formats.
This profile shows that there are several parents, but when I try to resolve, it only shows two parents, it will not let me choose the parents profiles that have the most managers, the profiles are not linked together when I view the mother Jean Thomas Dunham there are no pending merges.
Sir John Dunham, Kt., of Kirklington

There is this profile that Geni will not let me view the pending merges, I sent a help ticket in a few days ago but have not heard anything. I marked it not to merge, in case someone else can get to the pending merges, there are some incorrect profiles linked.
Elizabeth Gilbert

Sorry, I'm just getting really disgusted with this new format.

10/18/2010 at 1:48 PM


I'm finding the merge tools intense but ultimately more efficient when there are a lot of dups to work with.

If you want I can try and do some merging on the Wentworth's tomorrow if another curator is not available before then.

Hang in, we're actually making a *lot* of progress and more quickly than expected.

10/18/2010 at 3:01 PM

Rachael Standish
Rachael Standish
are the same person. I can't seem to merge them! This is embarrassing 'cause I'm a curator! please help.

10/18/2010 at 3:03 PM

Let me take a look Heather and see what's going on.

Private User
10/18/2010 at 3:21 PM
10/18/2010 at 3:26 PM

OK I figured it out. I renamed "Rachael" to "Rachel." For some reason that was the problem (got me as to why, I don't ask questions. :))

Then I was able to drag, drop and merge. Yay!

Back to you ... :)

10/18/2010 at 3:27 PM

Or ... Bjorn did his magic. ?

10/18/2010 at 3:32 PM

i swear it didn't do that. hm. maybe i just needed to be embarrassed. Thanks!

10/18/2010 at 3:41 PM

LOL~! Sometimes the computer just doesn't cooperate with us, and that's why we have a team. Glad to help out (if it wasn't actually Bjorn fixing it which is more likely).

10/18/2010 at 4:58 PM

You might have stumbled across a small bit of repair code that we run, whenever you hit the edit relationships tab/page -- in order to make sure we're presenting the right relationships that can be removed, we inspect the immediate family and repair any obvious errors (marriages with three partners, etc).

Private User
10/18/2010 at 8:55 PM

This probably isn't so much a curator issue as it is a programmer's issue. Been having a lot of grief with adding events into timelines, in particular when adding related people to specific events. It seems to be reluctant to recognize people that I'm trying to add in, particularly if the person whose event I'm adding onto is not within my close family.

There are some workarounds that I've been using, such as going into the profile of the person I'm trying to add on, copying and pasting the event to their timeline, and then adding the original person. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't, depending on whether or not it identifies the original person as being "recent", presumably recently worked upon.

If there is some way in which the timeline can be re-programmed so as to make it easy for profiles nearby in the tree to be added to any profile's events, that would be immensely useful. The system that is in place, where it seems to add only those people who are close to the person adding the event, or "recent" people, is kind of annoying. Particularly when adding events to Project people (who might be as distant a relation as Adam and Eve)...

An "exorcism" of this demon-plagued function would be greatly appreciated...

Private User
10/18/2010 at 9:45 PM

Seems that the "Follow" function works fairly effectively as a workaround for the problem (if you want to merge distantly related people, Follow them...). My annoyance level is back down to its normal hum. Time for more caffeine...

Private User
10/18/2010 at 9:47 PM

Got merges on the mind... meant if you want to add distantly related people to events in the timeline... don't worry, I'm not merging distantly related people. :)

Private User
10/19/2010 at 12:22 AM

@Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy,Vol. Curator

You posted:

There are several other bugs since Geni changed the formats.
This profile shows that there are several parents, but when I try to resolve, it only shows two parents, it will not let me choose the parents profiles that have the most managers, the profiles are not linked together when I view the mother Jean Dunham (Thorland) there are no pending merges.
John John Dunham, Sir


I've been trying to resolve this issue. I think this is a technical issue . I'll try to find an answer and get back to you (hopefully soon).

Private User
10/19/2010 at 12:25 AM

Erica, - what I did was just to manually set up a compare/idx1?to=idx2 URL and clicked merge.

You did not tell what the problem was, - Was it because it did not show up in hot-match?
Remember that I hate the hot-match functionality and would never depend on it.

Private User
10/19/2010 at 12:51 AM

@Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy,Vol. Curator

I was just now able to resolve the issue on the above mentioned profile (Sir John Dunham).

10/19/2010 at 6:06 AM

What is "hot-match"?

10/19/2010 at 6:19 AM

A "hot-match" is the number in magnifying glass in the upper left corner of a profile in tree view. Also seen as "Tree Matches" on your profile page. The problem with hot matches is that people frequently don't do enough due diligence making sure the people are the same, many times cousins, parent-child, uncle-nephew can look similar, especially when their isn't a lot of data. Take the Adams family, if one set of parents have 4 sons with the same names, then each of those four sons has four sons with the same names, is it hard to believe that 3 generations out you may have 2nd/3rd cousins with similar birth/death dates or spouse name?

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