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1.10.2010 в 3:38 после полудня

Divorce granted.

1.10.2010 в 7:47 после полудня

Can you please take a look at William Phelps, of Windsor, CT in the profile there is the parantage but I can;t get it to do anything. Thanks

Private User
1.10.2010 в 7:49 после полудня

On the case, Marvin.

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1.10.2010 в 8:03 после полудня


Messy area with lots of merges to do. Have patience! I'll be back to you for proofreading, if you would be so kind. And if merges come your way please approve -- it's easier to get the dups merged in first, cut the bad relationships second, and correct any bad data last.

Private User
1.10.2010 в 8:11 после полудня

ok i have 44 profile merge issues and can donothing with them. is this a curator fix or a geni fix?

1.10.2010 в 8:25 после полудня

I have only 33 profile merges that I can do nothing to fix. Compared to Kathy, I feel like such an under-achiever. :)

Private User
1.10.2010 в 8:26 после полудня

Heh. :D

Private User
1.10.2010 в 8:41 после полудня

lol...i'll fix your wagon if you'll fix mine ^U^

1.10.2010 в 8:48 после полудня

I wish I had my degree in wagon mechanics... :)

Private User
1.10.2010 в 9:12 после полудня

so do i my do i ^U^

Private User
1.10.2010 в 9:17 после полудня

So, after all of th work that I have put in, how do I become a curator?


Private User
1.10.2010 в 9:32 после полудня

get a cape and the ability to "kill" people with mice?^U^

1.10.2010 в 9:44 после полудня

I think that's what Diego de Almagro "El Mozo" ("The Younger") did in 1542 when he joined the "Gentlemen of the Cape" conspiracy and carried out the assassination of Francisco Pizarro and seized Peru, but he used a string instead of a mouse.

Oh, curator.... sorry, my bad. -Ben.

Private User
2.10.2010 в 12:45 до полудня

Marvin Caulk, (C)

Would you be able to check out this profile and its connections? Get the correct genealogical information into the "overview" tab?

I think this may be (one of the places) where the Phelps got snarled.

Dorothy Phelps

2.10.2010 в 1:18 до полудня

Arround this profile it seems to me that there are a total mess of criss cross merges, and when trying to unstac, i get technical problems on all MC Mullens.

Private User
2.10.2010 в 6:34 до полудня

Michael, you had technical problems when clicking "No, they're different" or doing something else? I didn't get an error.

2.10.2010 в 7:03 до полудня


Private User
2.10.2010 в 8:49 до полудня

Private User

Are you still getting the tree match not going away issue for a week? I tried your link posted previously
and got permission denied to view the page.

2.10.2010 в 3:23 после полудня

Private User@erica
I'm going to look at it and see what I can do

2.10.2010 в 4:37 после полудня

ok, I have the data up for William Phelps and Dorothy James [Phelps], trying to sort out the rest, could take a little while.

Private User
2.10.2010 в 6:44 после полудня


Call on me for help when need be with the URLs of the profiles in question.

I did a lot of merging yesterday (I know you saw) and hopefully that will help clean up the area. Also if there's any pending merges delaying your work, I can help get those done as well.

2.10.2010 в 7:25 после полудня

Private User
It seems I got it going in the right path but if you look at the tree for Dorothy Phelps
you will find a lot of Marys that need to be merged that I can't do anything about. I think onc ethere merged the tree will be back in shape (I hope anyway) It was snarled up, but once I got the parents right, it only took a little touch up, but there was one part that it would not let me access, I don't know it it got fixed, or it just got re=alighned into someone elses tree.

2.10.2010 в 8:25 после полудня

Can someone, any one, please, fix the female Daniel Baker... B 1650. ??

Private User
2.10.2010 в 8:57 после полудня


You need to give a link. Here's an easy way.

- Go to the profile, then press the 'discussions' tab.
- Put in the topic
- Put in the message
- Press "start discussion"

Then it shows as it's own topic in public discussions, and anyone can easily find the profile.

2.10.2010 в 8:57 после полудня

Sally, I need a link to do anything.

Private User
2.10.2010 в 8:59 после полудня


We're looking a lot better from the top of the family line, starting here:

John Edward Phyllypes

BUT -- the children seem to have collapsed generations. It's looking flat, not vertical.

Maybe it's just more merging needs to be done? Or would it help to put in a suffix, John Phelps l, Richard Phelps ll, Richard Phelps lll etc. and then I can more easily separate them out?

Private User
2.10.2010 в 9:33 после полудня

OK now we have a genealogical question.

This profile:

Francis Phylppe Phelps

Seems to indicate he is the half brother of

William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley

Through the shared mother of Mary Tomes.

Is this at all true?

3.10.2010 в 3:01 до полудня

Is there a Quaker Curator in the house?

We have a mix-up in the family of James Brown and Honour Clayton. One of William Brown and Ann Mercer's kids ended up in James and Honour's family, and I can't get aunt and uncle extracted from the parents list (I get a warning that it will split the tree).

Anyone have a hatchet sharp enough to split this piece of kindling? Many thanks.

Ann Dutton (Browne)

Private User
3.10.2010 в 3:06 до полудня

Private User

You have been summoned.

3.10.2010 в 7:26 до полудня

Ben M. Angel, still catching up@ben
Go and slpit the tree. It will not harm the tree itself. I will only put there tree back were it belongs and put your tree back on track!

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