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15.8.2012 в 2:25 после полудня

How weird.

I added a post last night saying 'Great story F N Duck'.

Checked that it had been added to the thread, now.... Magic! It has disappeared.

15.8.2012 в 2:26 после полудня

I give up!

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15.8.2012 в 3:53 после полудня

Pam Karp Thank You Pam !!! ☺☺

I hope this inspires you to go on ... ttfn

15.8.2012 в 4:59 после полудня

Hi guys I made a mistake, Daniel Spencer Sr. is the son of Peter, not Matthias, can you please fix tree? Heres Daniel Spencer Seniors profile:

Daniel Spencer, Sr.

15.8.2012 в 5:00 после полудня

Also he needs to be merged with main daniel spencer.

15.8.2012 в 5:54 после полудня

Hi, Matthew Gregory Cox -- could you give the links to the specific profiles involved? It's not obvious to me in looking at the tree.

e.g.: *Daniel Spencer*, should be son of *Peter Spencer*, not son of *Mathias Spencer*. Daniel should then be merged with this *Daniel Spencer*

... where each *xxxx* is a hot link.

FYI: you may find it easier to compose such a note by knowing that [[ the-geni-id-number ]] puts in the profile's link (with no spaces between the square brackets). That also prevents any problems with names which may have special characters in them. The "geni-id-number" is that (usually long) number right after the last "/" in the URL of the profile.

For instance, Mathew's ID above in this note was entered as [[ 6000000014764753766 ]] (without the spaces, of course).

15.8.2012 в 7:56 после полудня

FYI some IDs will have 1234 thru 6789 , you only need to copy the first half of the ID.

I once believed (with a burning faith) that the thru was an indication of merges taking place but i have seen IDs with a "thru" that i have created and never had merges and also many profiles that have been merged do not have the "thru".
Perhaps someone can explain the reason?

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15.8.2012 в 10:34 после полудня

The low profile ID's is from the very beginning of Geni which is not merged with newer profiles yet - usually Geni staff, invited beta testers and their family.

Profile index #1 is for example one of the key developers. Mike who frequently help us in the discussions was out on an external lunch when they started up, and got only #54 ;-)

16.8.2012 в 7:00 до полудня

Aside: re: "Thru" and other things after a "?" or "#" are links for Geni to know what to "return to". That is, looking at profile with URL of .../XXX?thru=YYY means that you are at profile XXX but you got there from profile YYY.

More generally, if the URL contains .../the-name-you-want/NNNN.... it is the "NNNN" value you can enclose in the double square brackets. That's the profile's ID.

16.8.2012 в 7:19 до полудня

The "through" param on profiles is a clue to the system for how to extend a known relationship path (the profile you came from) to a potentially unknown relationship path. In this way, you could follow profile-to-profile links all the way through the big tree and be able to see that path that got you there, even if it's much too far for the system to calculate it otherwise.

16.8.2012 в 5:22 после полудня

Wow, if i read you guys right its possible to visit Uncle Bob's profile [[ XXX?thru=YYY ]] from more than one direction and result in different URLs being displayed where XXX will always be constant for Bob but the YYY will change depending on which relative you approached him from?

16.8.2012 в 5:41 после полудня

Correct. And for sufficiently distant Bobs, that may result in a different relationship path being shown at the top of the profile.

16.8.2012 в 6:06 после полудня

LOL, are trying to suggest that Bob is not always your uncle?

17.8.2012 в 3:20 до полудня

Your Uncle Bob is also husband to his wife, son to his father, grandson to his grandfather, cousin to others....he is, like many people, related in different ways to different people....

17.8.2012 в 1:19 после полудня
17.8.2012 в 5:30 после полудня

Yes!!! love it.... lol

21.8.2012 в 7:21 после полудня

Last online? please
Private User

21.8.2012 в 7:24 после полудня

Pablo: May 25, 2012

21.8.2012 в 7:37 после полудня

Thanks Dan

22.8.2012 в 5:44 до полудня

Another last online please. Zach McCain

22.8.2012 в 5:47 до полудня

Zach: Nov 26, 2007

22.8.2012 в 7:26 до полудня

Thanks Randy this is another one that would be in my wife's family group.
tagging Mike Stangel

22.8.2012 в 7:31 до полудня

I forgot to say there are three new tree matches on my home page where he is the manager

22.8.2012 в 8:53 до полудня

A few more last online
Matt Beauchamp
Natalie Jill Holt
Private User

22.8.2012 в 9:58 до полудня

Matt Beauchamp October 26, 2011
Natalie Jill Holt December 6, 2011
Jeffrey Lee Wells December 18, 2008 (joined Dec. 17, 2008)

The first two joined much earlier.

22.8.2012 в 3:36 после полудня

Thanks Dan, I reported Jeffrey Lee Wells and will sit on the other two for a while.

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24.8.2012 в 7:39 до полудня

Private User

I have a problem, all profiles of my family and that I manage, more profiles in Uruguay acquaintances that have entered the tree appear as entered by "el abuelo BetoSagasti".
It's a new trick Geni?
Is to cancel my stats or what?

Received communication Example

: Your family tree is growing!
Your family in Geni tree is growing! 1955 now has relatives in your family tree.
Here are the newest additions to your tree:
Pedro Fiallo Montero agregó su sister-in-law's aunt Leonor S. Maestre Suquet, su sister-in-law's aunt's husband N. Barreto, su sister-in-law's first cousin Cesar Barreto Maestre, su sister-in-law's first cousin's wife Ma. Ines Delfino y otros 4, su sister-in-law's first cousin Ma. Alejandra Barreto Maestre, su sister-in-law's first cousin's husband Marcelo Galindez, su sister-in-law's first cousin Guillermo Barreto Maestre y su sister-in-law's first cousin's wife Graciela Krämer
Guillermo Barreto Maestre
Familia inmediata:

Son of N. Barreto y Leonor S. Maestre Suquet
Husband of Graciela Krämer
Father of Ma. Victoria Barreto Krämer y Federico Barreto Krämer
Brother of Cesar Barreto Maestre y Ma. Alejandra Barreto Maestre
Agregado por: abuelo Beto Saragosti
Gestionado por: Pedro Ricardo Fiallo Montero
My own profile
Enrique (Henri V) Raúl Angenscheidt Baridon, Cr. ( J.)
Lugar actual: Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones Depto., Uruguay
Nacimiento: 3 de noviembre de 1943
Sanatorio Uruguay, Montevideo, Montevideo Depto., Uruguay
Familia inmediata:
Son of Héctor Angenscheidt Ricci y Blanca (Mima) Baridon Armand-Ugon
Husband of Beatriz Bidegain Roglia
Father of María Gabriela Angenscheidt Bidegain; Rafael Angenscheidt Bidegain; María Leticia Angenscheidt Bidegain; María Isabel Angenscheidt Bidegain; Maria Andrea Angenscheidt Bidegain y 1 otro
Brother of Carlos Héctor Angenscheidt Baridon; Victor Angenscheidt Baridon; Edmundo (Eddy) Angenscheidt Baridon y Luís Angenscheidt Baridon
Half brother of Rodolfo José Angenscheidt Rodríguez y Nicolás Angenscheidt Rodríguez
Agregado por: abuelo Beto Saragosti
Unido el: 5 de agosto de 2008

24.8.2012 в 8:24 до полудня

Enrique: There was a bad translation table entry for a bit; I just saw a note which said it should be fixed now.

24.8.2012 в 9:48 после полудня


I am trying to get a genealogy software installed on my PC and I heard that Family Tree Maker can sync to Is there a software that can sync to Geni?
Thanks a lot.

25.8.2012 в 7:28 до полудня

Cecil Stuart Dana

The free software at will load the gedcom and will also downlosd the pics and docs for you.

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