ATTENTION Curators, please assist

Начал Shmuel-Aharon Kam (Kahn / שמואל-אהרן קם (קאן воскресенье, 5 сентября 2010


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10.6.2012 в 10:04 до полудня

Private User Thanks. But now there are going to be a bunch of profiles that cant be merged, Oh well...

Private User
10.6.2012 в 10:13 до полудня

I didn't report her someone else did. There will lots of them that you and also curators can correct. You, others & I spend lots of time making the corrections you talked about ;-)

10.6.2012 в 11:14 до полудня

Ann, I had not checked if she had been reported. I just mean that there will be a lot of requested merges that cant be done because they are private.

10.6.2012 в 11:54 до полудня

Eldon you don't want to merge those profiles anyway. They're not the most accurate I've seen. :)

10.6.2012 в 12:07 после полудня

Erica, I agree with you but they can be corrected so there is not a lot of bad info out there and conflicts can be resolved. I enjoy that kind of work.

10.6.2012 в 12:17 после полудня

just a quick note regarding the date of activity Eldon' mentioned

that's doesn't always an indication for user's activity and in this case the specific date of August 2011 is few days after the outage and as part of this many in-active and abandoned accounts managers "started" following profiles

(hope that's clear enough?)


10.6.2012 в 12:46 после полудня

Eldon can I sent you my list of data resolves then?:).

10.6.2012 в 2:05 после полудня

My requested by my collaborators list is at 55138. I think that's enough for a day or so :-)

10.6.2012 в 2:08 после полудня

Just went under a severe thunderstorm watch here so we could loose power at any time, the pleasures of rural life in the Midwest!

10.6.2012 в 8:00 после полудня

Thanks, Janet. Looks much better now.

11.6.2012 в 6:29 до полудня

Could someone please tell me when last Helene Henriette Holmes was online?

Thanks in advance.

11.6.2012 в 7:51 до полудня

Please check another one for last online, a few more merges :-( Private User

11.6.2012 в 8:34 до полудня

Last online:
Helene Holmes: January 27, 2012
Heather Killebrew: September 16, 2011

11.6.2012 в 10:29 до полудня

Thanks Dan

Private User
11.6.2012 в 1:44 после полудня

There are two profiles for "Hjalmar Branting", historic swedish politician. In one of them his children are private profiles. Please make them public so the merge can be made.

12.6.2012 в 12:21 до полудня

Kenneth, since both profiles belong to unconnected trees and also abandoned ones there is nothing we can do with them at this moment

Private User
12.6.2012 в 12:32 до полудня

I thought it was possible for a curator to take over profiles that was abandoned. The user "Martin Gerholm" created his private files for "Hjalmar Branting" in may 2011, over one year ago. What I can see he hasn´t been on Geni since then.

Private User
12.6.2012 в 1:17 до полудня

Releasing abandoned trees was something that was done for a couple of years ago, but not any more.

The situation could be as simple as that the user considered his/hers tree as complete or just took a break. They should be allowed to do that and still have an option to log on again in a couple of years.

Only claimed historical accounts are released (and removed if unconnected).

If the abandoned account is connected or there are more users in that tree you should look for active family group member who can help you. A curator can help you with finding one.

Private User
12.6.2012 в 2:00 до полудня

OK, thanks Ofir and Bjørn.

14.6.2012 в 3:49 до полудня

Does anybody know if there is still a problem uploading documents. I am trying to upload a booklet in 2 PDFs but to no avail so far. The first one is 1,621 KB and the second one is 1,049 KB.

14.6.2012 в 5:31 до полудня

Brendan Swemmer, are you sure about those KB numbers? I've uploaded many documents larger than those. If the document is online, you can link to it instead. The only issue I am consistently having trouble with is the inconsistency of the auto-complete function of the edit document part of uploading documents. Very irritating.

14.6.2012 в 6:02 до полудня

I'm not 100% sure about the KB numbers. But about 3 weeks there was a problem uploading docs so I was wondering if that was connected to mine and if it was still ongoing.

14.6.2012 в 10:52 до полудня

PDF files have a page limit of 50. The KB size is not relevant in that format.

Private User
14.6.2012 в 11:03 до полудня

The limit is probably because Geni does not handle and view PDF files as a PDF file, but creates images of the pages, very often with a terrible result.

If the PDF file is accessible online it is better to link to it as that.

14.6.2012 в 11:12 до полудня

OK, thanks Erica and Bjorn
There are 10 pages in the first one and 7 in the second.
Can I open a ticket?

14.6.2012 в 11:16 до полудня

Frankly Brendan I would be futzing around re-exporting the PDF or saving as JPG file images instead. :). PDFs are funky anyway and as Bjørn noted, essentially they're read as image pages anyway.

Private User
14.6.2012 в 11:24 до полудня

Never use JPG for text - it just get blurry. Only PNG gives you perfect images.

14.6.2012 в 11:29 до полудня

Good point, thank you, and will do.

14.6.2012 в 11:39 до полудня

OK, thanks.

14.6.2012 в 11:45 до полудня

I've managed to upload the docs but Geni's reader won't read all the pages, dammit. A problem I knew about. Now I'll try convert them to PNG and see how that works out.....

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