Emma Lucretia Blackall (Murray)

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9/8/2010 at 6:12 PM

Jeff, Is she related to you on your Farrington or your Masterson side? I have never heard these names before.

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9/8/2010 at 6:38 PM

Not on the Farrington side. Definitely on the Parks side of things.

She is (as geni says):"Emma Lucretia Blackall (Murray) is your first cousin thrice removed's wife" Same relationship to both of us.

The question should be " Who is Clarence Howard Blackall (Emma's husband) and how does he fit into all of this?"

He is the son of Christopher Rubey Blackall, who is the son of Sarah Emily Hoffman Blackall by her second marriage (to Benjamin Blackall). We are descended from her first marriage (to Goshen Van Schaick Hoffman) by way of Mary Emily Parks (Hoffman), wife of Stephen Parks.

Christopher Rubey Blackall is Mary Emily Parks' half brother.

The Blackalls were very much part of life among the Parks in Stephen and Charles White and Maysie's generations. Mom remembers spending parts of summers in the 1920s on the Connecticut shore at an estate owned by some part of the Blackall family.


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