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9/11/2010 at 12:00 PM

All those people who submitted Testimonies to Yad Vashem obviously survived the Shoah, and if not still alive may have descendants that could help decipher the mystery of Shlomo Fruchter's two wives.
The names of the submitters are as follows:
Thila Tila Peltzel
Amalia Tesler
Menachem Kuper, not yet on the tree because of lack of sufficient information, but he is Shlomo's first cousin
<private> Shechter (Fruchter)
Pinchas Fruchter
Please, anybody who has the knowledge and can shed light on this dilemma is invited to clear this discrepancy.
Five different persons submitted testimonies about Shlomo Fruchter. All concur on the name of the father and mother, many give his birth year c.1870 and most atribute Rivka Vax to be his wife, except for Pinchas Fruchter, who is his brother, mentions as his wife Lea Ganz and date of birth 1903.
According to me there are two possibilities:
Those are two differenr Shlomo Fruchter, probably cousins to each other, which still leaves us with the problem of them both having parents with the same name.
The other posibility is that one of the submitters, Pinchas Fruchter, made a mistake about the wife's name.
But the way things stand right now we also have the problem of Sh;omo's age compared with his parents and siblings.
Under "sources" for Shlomo Fruchter I have included the copies of the 6 Testimonies on which I based the inclusion of Shlomo to the tree, with some comments. Shlomo's URL at Geni for his profile is: Shlomo Fruchter

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12/22/2010 at 6:54 PM

Shlomo Fruchter would have been a popular name, of Fruchters from my branch of the family tree since he was the first Fruchter of Adler/Fruchter/Stern brothers.

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12/23/2010 at 4:13 AM

Dear Benyomin,
As far as I know there are no Adlers nor Sterns as descendants to Shlomo.
I will send you a message asking you to collaborate, that way I could hopefully be able to look at your tree to see if there is a match. Of course if you also send me the URL to your Shlomo, the task will be much easier.
I thank you for taking the time and effort of trying to help me solve this conundrum.

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12/23/2010 at 4:48 AM

They were three brothers Avrohom Adler, Shlomo Fruchter, and Mordechai Stern. The families married each other sporadically as well, my dad's first cousin's mother was a Stern. The big goal is to get all of the Fruchter's together, because there were two books written in Hebrew that detail the family history and the descendants. The book I can't find, Divrei Shlomo has the information on the Adlers, which didn't make it in the family tree, possibly because my branch was the only one that survived the Holocaust.

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