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9/12/2010 at 12:44 AM

Now that geni has delinked the forum how do we get in touch with the geni team and members to discuss issues and provide suggestions.

If all members can read this page. I appeal to all to presurise geni to reinstate the forum page which can be accessed independently of geni.

In one of the dicussions 'IN THE FORUM PAGE" was just this. just before it was de linked. I think i should use the word SHUTDOWN instead of DE-LINKED as I am not sure if members and the Geni Team read it any more.

back to the one of the discussions was password to access the Forum page vs. this Public Discussion page.

to access the PUBLIC DISCUSSION PAGE one has to loging to GENI where as to login into the FORUM page one NEED not long into to (thugh there was a link at the very bottom of whatever page you are on. got you there and the greatest advantage was that if was down for whatever reason the geni team would leave a meeage on the forum or the members could leave a message to every forum.geni user about the downtime or to discuss issues.

Now with this public discussion page I am not sure if its open to all geni users or only to friends and family who are members of my family and frinends list. If that is so then it defeats the purpose as one is limiting the discussion within a closed group who's issues and experience will not be as vast as the general geni users.

In geni forum I had asked why a different login & password for geni and different L & P for the forum.

The majority response in the forum ws in favour of the different passwords for eah of the two for the reasons mentioned above. My request was for the same password for both, which was more or less shouted down. However I am still advocating a single login and password for both. If forum is re-instated (which I and the majority of forum users prefer and hopefully are pressurising to re-instate).

Here's how my advocacy for a single login and password will work. It should work for both pages independently, wether throuh the page or if geni main website is down then login to the forum page through the browser as well.

When forum was part of the geni community any geni user could go to the forum page via the link at the botom of whatever page youare on and read through the various topics of discussion going on, but to partiipate you would have to login seperately viathe login link on the top of the forum page. This is what I wanted to change.

the Geni Team DOES read these public discussions, and often comment on them. The primary reason for hiding the link to the forum, was that Geni wants to phase it out.,hoping that eventually these Public Discussions will replace it. I agree that this was a bit premature. But really, the existing forum members should truly have no problem "finding" the Forum. All *I* have to do is type FO into my browsers' URL field and it suggests the forum. All that removing the link does is prevent NEW users from finding it...

The reason that a separate login is required for the forum is because the entire forum site is an independent software, that Geni uses . To change it to require a single login would require resources that Geni is better served by using elsewhere. Never mind that the Forum SW is getting outdated. The total amount of active forum members is extremely small out of a user-base of 5 million.

Another major issue with the forum is that because it is a separate login, you have many people with multiple accounts who enjoy being ass-holes and/or harrasing the community. So even if you created a single login, those folks would be just as much against it.

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9/12/2010 at 3:05 AM

The forum is also hosted on a totally different site, - which explains why you still are able to visit the forum when Geni is down (they have had a lot of problems with some switches).

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9/13/2010 at 4:14 AM

Ok that's acceptable. but when the public discussion page was put up I had no idea that all members (like you two) would also get to see it and contribute to the discussion as was in the forum.

I do agree when u say that a very small percentage of users actually use the forum, which is a shame as there is so much one can learn from all the discussion that takes palce there.

However, if this public discussion place is so designed where every member wether a serios forum user or not can view it then its fine by me.

Ad if as you say that the forum is still available to get in touch with the geni team when geni is down then excellent. But as you said above its being phased out, that means this link to geni will be lost. On the other had is geni going to post a message to all geni users whenever they are down and the length of the downtime?

while I don't follow Geni's blog, my understanding is that when they have PLANNED downtime, they do update the blog in advance, and when the site is down it does take you to the blog.

9/13/2010 at 9:51 AM

Whenever I've had a scheduled geni timeout, geni takes me to the blog page with an explanation (maintenance etc.).

My only point of confusion has been weirdo error messages.

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9/14/2010 at 5:12 AM

Shmuel Aharon Kam & Erica.

Thanks for clearing my doubts

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