2012 & Beyond from Light Age Masters

Started by Raji R on Sunday, September 12, 2010


9/12/2010 at 9:13 AM

There is an ocean of information in Internet about 2012.
Some major events occur in 2012.
Our Earth and our Solar system enter a new Energy field called the “Photon Belt”.
Our Sun aligns with the Galactic Centre. This occurs once in thousands of years.
The magnetic poles of our earth will disappear for a brief period and re-appear at different places. Our Earth may stop rotating for three days and nights. It may rotate in the opposite direction when it resumes rotation.

A solar flare may wipe out our satellites and all communication systems may collapse.

Any preparation at the physical level would be inadequate. It is only the preparation at the Spiritual level that helps us sailing through 2012.

Preparation at the Spiritual level begins with the removal of all negativities within and in the world.

We have to receive and hold the new energies that are being channelled to this earth.
We have to change from these gross bodies to Light bodies.

By transforming ourselves, we can create new destinies for this beautiful earth.

We are not alone in this very testing times. The Hierarchy and other Light Masters are working hard to avoid or minimise the sufferings caused by the events mentioned above.

We can easily enter into contact with the Light Masters. We can get guided by their human counterparts. We can meditate and sharpen our Intuition for guidance and help.

It cannot be specifically stated that life will be like this or like that after 2012. Everything depends on us and us alone. It depends on our Spiritual efforts.

We enter into the New Age where Love, Peace and Harmony are the natural conditions of existence of everyone and everything on this earth. There will be no place for non-love, violence and un-truth and those who hold on to these negativities will perish. That is why Transformation is of paramount importance.

Not many are aware of this and not many care about this now. This is sad. But changes cannot be stalled. They occur.

The Light Masters have created seven earths at the Astral level with seven different Spiritual conditions on these earths. Those who do not transform and perish will be taking birth on one of these seven earths depending on their Spiritual condition to go through learning experiences. When they transform, they will return to our earth.

Those who live here, will live in their Light bodies. They live on the energy directly received from the Sun.
The changes will continue till 2018. After 2018, we will be living in Light Age fully.

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