Makea Title

Started by Taina Young on Wednesday, September 15, 2010


9/15/2010 at 6:14 AM

Another makes claims to Makea Nui title. [ 16/05/09 ]
Another claimant is expected to be invested today with the Makea Nui title which has been vacant since 1994.
According to Fanau Hunt, her son Stanley (Tutavake) will take on the title this morning after an investiture which will take place near Oroenga and Arai-te-Tonga.
Hunt says her son currently holds the title of Taka’ia Taunga and this will be passed on to her other son once the investiture is complete.
Hunt, who holds the title of Porotito Rangatira says she is descended from Makea Ekeeke through her mother Taka’ia.
She says what they are doing today is putting right what has been done to their line in the past.
“Kare au e mataku no te mea e kua kite au e noea mai au. [I am not scared because I know where I come from].”

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