Ha' rav Alexander Ziskind

Started by Malka Mysels on Thursday, September 16, 2010


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9/16/2010 at 5:52 PM

Ha' rav Alexander Ziskind mentioned on page 2 of
the Rambam Family Tree document sounds very familiar.
Does anyone have any idea who this could be?

See Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Maimonides - הרמב״ם Under documents

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9/16/2010 at 10:48 PM

I just officated at the wedding of a descendant of R.Ziskind, who was a major figure in early Hasidism. Many descendants go by the name of Braz( abbrev of R Alexander Ziskind) and the groom was named Avi Braz.
The Israeli writer, Amos Oz, has an extensive description of the family history in his work " A Tale of Love and Darkness", and the excerpt is available on line through google books

There was another R. Alexander Ziskind Maimon, of Lithuania, and there is a brief notation on him in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Ziskind_Maimon.
The names "Moshe" and "Maimon" repeat inthe family, so there may be a connection with the Rambam.

9/17/2010 at 6:48 AM

Rabbi Weinberg, thank you so very much for your fascinating information. It is so kind of you to take the time to respond.

Intrigued, I followed the Amos Oz book link you supplied, and indeed
the story of his family history is mesmerizing.


From what I could glean, Ha'rav Alexander Ziskind was Amos Oz's GGGG Grandfather.

• Ha'rav Alexander Ziskind
• Yossele Braz ("B"en "R"av "A"lexander "Z"iskind)
• Alexander Ziskind Braz
• Menahem Mendel Braz + sister, Rasha-Keila who married - Yehuda Leib Klausner
• Alexander Klausner (Ziskind) known as Zusia , married - cousin Shulamit Levin (Rasha Keila's daughter)
• Yehuda Arieh Klausner
• Amos Oz

There is a profile on Geni for this R' Alexander Ziskind
Rabbi Alexander Ziskind (of Grodno)

Another R' Alexander Ziskind profile on Geni
Alexsander Ziskind (ha-Rav) Harkavy c.1785-1850

Might be the same as;
"Rabbi Alexander Ziskind and his brothers, Reb Eliahu Bar Gershon and Reb Moshe Harkavy all played prominent parts as
leaders of the Novogrudok community life."


You mentioned the Wikipedia R. Alexander Ziskind Maimon from Lithuania.

This Lithuanian R' Ziskind occurs in another family tree said to be
a descendant of Maimonides.




If a timeline of the Maimonides family tree could be calculated, it might help us figure out which R' Alexander Ziskind appears in the document.

Is 25 years / generation the accepted genealogical estimate?

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Maimonides - הרמב״ם
HaNagid Alexander Ziskind

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9/17/2010 at 10:17 AM

To everyone, a Gmar Tov!

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