Before our limbs do not permits us to move, lets havea common tour of common choise

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9/17/2010 at 10:14 AM

Hello All Dear Ones !!!,
Everyday we are growing old, I have here on this common platform ofGENI, as a floating suggestion . Let us plan a common tour of common choice ,before our limbs don"t permit us to move. Let it be a religious or place of Nature Beauty strictly on Dutch pattern . Like Visit to Varanasi,Nemish,Punna Giri, AshtaVinayaka (Including Ganpathi Pule in Ratnagiri,Maharashtra situated on virgin Arabian Sea Beach ) Char Dham (Yamnotri,Kedarnath,Gangotri & Badri Nath ) ,or simply visiting Unconventional places of Kumaun like Kosani , Berinag, Gwaldom etc etc.
These are the place I know ,and every body knows my know-how is quite poor.
Place must be of choice of everyone who is willing to join this proposed tour. This tour is for plus fifty oldies, BUT YOUNGERS ARE MOST WELCOME..
Ashutosh Sharma

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