Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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31.10.2010 в 7:35 после полудня

Sweet. Thanks, Anita.

1.11.2010 в 5:58 после полудня

Can a curator make this a MP please? Elizabeth Lewis

1.11.2010 в 6:01 после полудня

Done, and added to SODI project.

1.11.2010 в 6:38 после полудня

Thanks Erica!

6.11.2010 в 11:03 до полудня do I resolve this? I posted it here as it is a SODI profile.

Whichever set of parents I choose (John and Mary, Mary and John, no change) I get a notice that it will split the tree.

Is this because an incorrect profile was merged in?

Private User
6.11.2010 в 11:19 до полудня

Just follow the instructions and merge the profiles first.

Private User
6.11.2010 в 11:33 до полудня

How do you merge profiles when you're the one that has requested a merge and no one is responding?

6.11.2010 в 12:05 после полудня

Bjorn...I did, no duplicates left to merge, just to choose a set of parents. What am I missing?

Private User
6.11.2010 в 12:08 после полудня

I've had that happen many times, even when I don't think there were any other profiles to merge, in various parts of the tree. Maybe I just wasn't seeing them.

Private User
6.11.2010 в 4:03 после полудня

Ok, I just followed the merge requests and that specific profile seem to be OK now.

6.11.2010 в 4:22 после полудня

Thanks Bjorn...looks good to me as well.

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12.11.2010 в 8:52 после полудня

Here is @William Williams, Signer of the "Declaration of Independence"<William Williams, signer of the "Declaration of Independence">
of Connecticut
Birth: April 8, 1731
Death: August 2, 1811 (80)
Immediate Family:
Son of Rev. Solomon Williams and Mary Williams (Porter)
Husband of Mary Williams (Trumbull)
Father of Solomon Williams, Faith Williams and William Trumbull Williams

12.11.2010 в 11:15 после полудня


Done, and added to Project.

Many thanks!

17.11.2010 в 5:35 после полудня

Hey...can someone look at this merge?

I am concerned that, of the 15 or so total children, only two are on both trees....???

17.11.2010 в 5:48 после полудня

This one is worrisome, as well. I declined one merge because dates were vague and family members were off...then this one came up.

I think we might have two George Ross's...that or he had a secret life!

17.11.2010 в 6:16 после полудня

This one is going to need a curator to fix....

Gov. Stephen Hopkins, signer of the "Declaration of Independence"

If you click on his caution triangle on his tree, you can see where his merged parents are really two generations (at least on the father's side). I have no idea how to separate them back out. It looks to me like the children and siblings are ok, but I didn't stack any of them.


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18.11.2010 в 5:28 до полудня

Anita, The MP for Robert Morris shows 5 daughters, 2 sons, one named Thomas. There are other children, but locked profiles, and I think are duplicates. I found Robert Morris had 7 children, one named Thomas- but what I found said 5 sons, 2 daughters. I know this isn't real helpful, but I'll keep looking.

Private User
18.11.2010 в 5:57 до полудня

Anita, I think I have Gov. Stephen Hopkins with the right parents/grandparents now. I didn't clean up the entire family, but did some. The Gov. has an extra wife I didn't know what to do with, for one thing. His first wife was Sarah Scott, second wife Anne Smith. There's an Anna Arnold on there as his wife, and I don't have a clue who she is (didn't really try to figure it out yet).

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18.11.2010 в 6:06 до полудня

Anita, I think that last George Ross is a different one. The other two look like a match. His father evidently was married twice. Don't you think they mean his father was a fife, rather than a fifth (being from Scotland, a fifth of Scotch or Scots, so to speak?)

Private User
18.11.2010 в 6:46 до полудня

FIEF, not fife. Sorry- he's not a musical instrument, either.

7.1.2011 в 2:54 до полудня

\I am looking at all of these people and realized most of you are somehow
directly related or indirectly related to me and .how awesome can that be. I have been working on our family tree for the last twenty years. Going to get Pro next. Patricia Adams Clapp

Private User
7.1.2011 в 5:12 до полудня

Patricia, you are my 16th cousin once removed.

Private User
7.1.2011 в 11:51 до полудня

Patricia Clapp is my 17th cousin thrice removed.
We are related through the Thornburgs and Prestons.

Private User
6.4.2011 в 5:36 после полудня

i just learned my 5th great uncle was mathew thornton how cool is that

Private User
22.6.2011 в 9:21 после полудня

Just found this...I added my family member Charles Carroll after years of research back at the start of 2007. I just now saw on my homepage that someone (Tammy Swingle???) added him to the "namesake" project. Not sure what this is but I guess it's good.

@Charles Carroll: Charles Carroll of Carrollton, III, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

22.6.2011 в 9:36 после полудня See under "C". I think it's Carroll County, Maryland that's named after him. Very cool :)

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24.6.2011 в 6:54 после полудня

Hatte - i've actually been to Carroll County in my search of getting information. I have also visited their graves. My family is all mainly buried in one place together. My father goes there yearly.

24.6.2011 в 8:59 после полудня

I live near Carroll Country.

12.3.2012 в 9:51 до полудня


10.5.2014 в 8:37 после полудня

Declaration of Independence
Great video with David Barton

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