parents for Archibald?

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10/11/2010 at 10:31 AM

I've not had any luck proving who Archibald's parents were and would very much like to find ANYTHING which might point to who they might be. I'm suspicious of these parents as neither William or Margaret show up in list of names for Archibald & Grace's children. The family names I have are Mary, Grizel/Grace, John (x2), Ann, Julia (x2) & Archibald. Her parents were John & Grizel, so if they were following traditional naming patterns, would expect his parents to be Mary & Archibald? Archie's marriage/children's birth records say he was 'from Annon parish'. References for William & Margaret (Carruthers) are mostly Ecclefechan. Both locations are in Dumfriesshire, but that's only link.

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