From the Barbour Family papers... here is info about Dr. PJ and his family as edited by Jeppie 6/2006

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McCORMICK revised 6/06

James McCormick (1800's) - your 4th great grandfather - He was born in Frenchpark, County Roscommon, Ireland.

He married Bridget Ford and they lived in Frenchpark.

Dr. Peter James McCormick (1830-1905) - your 3rd great grandfather - He was born in Frenchpark, County Roscommon, Ireland.

He married Belle Lambeth (1848-1900) and they lived in Yazoo City.

During the Civil War he was a doctor in the Confederate Army. He was
in the Vicksburg garrison and was surrendered there on July 4, 1863.
Another member of the Vicksburg garrison was Samuel Starr Griffin
who was a good friend of Dr. McCormick's at the time.

By the time of the Battle of Franklin in 1864 both Dr. McCormick and
S. S. Griffin had re-joined the Confederate troops and served at Franklin.
Sergeant-Major Griffin was wounded there. Dr. McCormick was still serving as a surgeon and after the battle he amputated the leg of General
John Bell Hood, the commander of the Army of Tennessee. (General
Hood had lost an arm at Gettysburg.

During Reconstruction, after the war, there was a lot of trouble with the
Carpetbaggers (Yankees who had come here after the war to steal whatever they could). The Union Army supported the carpetbaggers. At one time, when the native white people were winning against the carpetbaggers, there was a report that Union troops were taking a train to Vaughan to come help the carpetbaggers.

Most of the Confederate veterans agreed to meet the train and fight the troops. They organized into seven companies and went to Vaughan. Dr. McCormick went to serve as their doctor. When the train came there were no Union troops.

In 1884 Dr. McCormick's 17 year old daughter Helen wanted to marry Samuel Starr Griffin, the doctor's friend from the war. Mr. Griffin was 40 years old. Dr. McCormick was against the marriage and did not speak to Mr. Griffin for years. Later something happened and they reconciled. In his old age Dr. McCormick moved into the same house with the Griffins. The family thinks that they were reconciled because Mr. Griffin strongly supported Dr. McCormick in an attempt to stop Dr. McCormick's son Vivian from drinking.

Vivian left Yazoo City and was in California the rest of his life.

The old people referred to him as "Old Dr. McCormick" and his son was
"Young Dr. McCormick".

When St. Mary's Catholic Church was built a large stained glass window
was given in memory or in honor of Dr. McCormick. The church that was
built about 1902 burned when the town burned in 1904. If the window had
been in that church then it would have been in honor of him since he lived until 1905. If the window was put in the present church, which was built after the fire and after his death, then it was in his memory. Nobody is real
sure which church had the window.

Dr. John Ignatius McCormick (1872-1939) - your 2nd great grandfather - He married Imogene Hundley Whitehead (1891-1953). They lived in Yazoo City.

The old people referred to him as "Young Dr. McCormick".

When he was practicing, doctors made house calls. They went to the house
to see the sick person. After having a wreck, Dr. McCormick became afraid to drive and Mrs. McCormick drove him to people's houses. Sometimes they went to the country and would spend the night at the sick person's house. Sometimes they took their children with them.

Once a man who lived way out in the country was killed in an accident. It
was too far to the house for their friends to come visit the family so they
brought the body to Dr. McCormick's house and received visitors there.

During the depression Dr. McCormick often got paid with chickens or eggs or vegetables because people had little money.

Mary Belle McCormick (1914-2003) - your great grandmother - She married Charles Wesley Allen and they lived in Yazoo City.

Gamma, Frances Allen

Your daddy

You, the grandchildren


There is no one left here named McCormick who is kin to you. There are several descendants of Dr. P. J. McCormick with other last names.

Second generation

Dr. P. J. McCormick's daughter Helen married S. S. Griffin.
Dr. P. J's son, John I., married Imogene Hundley Whitehead (your great-great grandparents).

Third generation

Helen McCormick Griffin's children included Sarah Griffin Norquist.
John I. McCormick's children included Mary Belle McCormick Allen (your great grandmother). They were FIRST cousins.

Fourth generation

Sarah Norquist had 2 children who are still here. Helen (Goo) Norquist Graeber and Samuel Griffin Norquist, an attorney.

Five of Mary Belle Allen's children are still here, including Gamma.

Goo, Griffin, Imogene, Frances, Olivia, Barbara, Robert and David are THIRD cousins.

Fifth generation

Your daddy and his brothers are FIFTH cousins to Griffin's son Griffin Jr. who is President of the Bank of Yazoo City. Goo's children don't live here anymore.

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