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Posted By: Bobby Stelly
Subject: Re: John & Elizibeth Stelly Info
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Paul D. Stelly, III

I have a vast amount of information on the Stelly families that originated in the province of Wurttenburg, Germany. The first indication of the Stelly family may not have been German at all but Swiss before the 30 Years War in Germany. After the 30 Years war the family of Stehlin derived in Swisszerland was shown to have going into the province of Zell, Wurttemburg, Germany. This is where our ancestors came from and many births have been found in Zell, Bortlingen, and our progenitory Jean George Stelly (original name was Johann Georg Stahlin) came from Albershausen, Wurttemburg, Germany. So your really not too far from the area of our ancestors. I do hate to tell you that I have no information on your search of John (Jean)Stelly m. Elizabeth Javiliotte. If you can find out more I would be happy to help you more. I am not familiar with the Stelly's of your family in Bordelon. Most of the Stelly families I do have derived from St. Landry Parishes and also Texas that are all connected. I am not saying your not conncected just that more research needs to be done.

Bobby Stelly
New Iberia, La

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