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10/16/2010 at 5:36 AM

Wife of Jacques Hartog Del Castilho was Hermine Morpurgo, b.9.4.1927 Paramaribo, d.11.7.2007 Bilthoven.
She was the daughter of Urie (1904-1968) and Daisy Julie Bueno de Mesquita.

<private> Hering
10/16/2010 at 6:30 AM

Hi Ray, How are you related to the Del Castilho-"tribe"
Please reply soon

10/31/2010 at 6:16 AM

Im doing a Morpurgo family tree as well. Have you made a link between URIE M brn 1904 Paramibo and ancestors!?

Private User
10/31/2010 at 7:56 AM

Urie was a son of Elias Morpurgo (1863-1923) and Sally Petronella Del Castilho (1865-1944).
Maybe Martha can confirm?

10/31/2010 at 8:29 AM

Thanks Ray That is what a couple of other online trees say. I was a bit concerned as he is also listed as Uriah di Elias di Jacques Isac. If he was son of EM and SPDC he should be listed as Uriah di Elias di Isak Haim, I think.
Also SPDC's last child before him was born in 1895 and I( have his d of b as 1904. Mum would be 39 - not impossible!
What is your Morpurgo connection?

12/9/2010 at 7:13 AM

Uriah Morpurgo was born on 22 march 1904 at Paramaribo,he is the son of Elias Morpurgo and Selly Petronella del Castilho.
He was married to Daisy Julie Bueno de Mesquita in 29 july 1925
They had 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys

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