"God" is my 45th great grandfather

Started by Diane Woods on Monday, October 18, 2010


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Diane Woods
10/18/2010 at 9:23 AM

OK, is this a private joke that I am too new to "get"?

10/18/2010 at 9:30 AM

It sounds like a joke profile. Report it to help@geni.com . The user should be warned that we're a serious genealogy site.

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10/18/2010 at 10:42 AM

I think a short circuit has appeared somewhere in the big tree.

The master profile for Adam:

has become my 65th great grandfather. That is way too low.

Unfortunately, Geni allows what Erica calls a joke profile to be the father of Adam, and our biblical curator http://www.geni.com/people/Shmuel-Aharon-Kam-Kahn-%D7%A9%D7%9E%D7%9... even created a managed profile for this entity.

I agree with Erica, and this profile should not be on Geni.

There are two God profiles in the actual Biblical Tree:
Adam's creator God Almighty . (should be ~150 generations in the past) and
"father" of Jesus Unknown Profile (~80 generations ago).

There are also dozens of other gods, demigods and whatnot from many other pantheons and religions. I did NOT actually add these profiles (if you check God Almighty . was added about a year before I joined Geni.

I also agree that this profile doesn't belong in the tree, BUT many other users do. Please read the FAQ for the Bible-Tree project at: http://www.geni.com/projects/Biblical+Tree

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10/19/2010 at 5:31 AM

Shmuel, I am referring to the former of those two, which you say should be about 150 gens in the apst.

That one is currently my 50th great aunt's 14th great grandfather, which makes it less than 70 gens in the past. So there is a short circuit somewhere.

Shmuel, I agree you did not create that profile, but you did give it credence by turning it into a managed profile. I am fascinated that you can give managed profile status to a profile that you say does not belong in the tree. In all other circumstances, I reckon if I asked any curator "Would you give managed profile status to a profile that you believe doesn't belong in the tree?", the answer in all cases would be a resounding "NO - OF COURSE NOT!"

the one and ONLY reason this profile is a locked Master Profile, is due to "vandals", people who because they disagree with this profile, feel that they can ENFORCE their own personal opinions on everybody else. People HAVE deleted this profile before, more than once, when it was not theirs to delete... Another example would be: Sceaf .. This person is VERY popular in many genealogies, but about as unlikely as they get - an INFANT son of Noah, who went to England after the Flood, and found it already populated. So this too is a locked Master Profile, to prevent people from messing it up.

We are Curators. This means our mandate is to take care of the shared tree for everybody, not to impose our own opinions. It would be good to keep this in mind.

As I explained to you elsewhere, in this regard the "Biblical" Tree is MUCH more COMPLICATED than later parts of the tree, because there are SO MANY possible sources. How well do we know the Kuran, Christian Bible, Mormon holy-books or even the Dead-Sea Scrolls? How about the non-canonical writings of ALL of the above faiths? There are about 50 such (ספרים חיצוניים), from Jewish sources alone, hundreds for Christianity (never mind the different definitions of Bible they use (compare list of books in KJV to Eastern Orthodox)). I can show you examples already IN the tree for each of the above.... I'm sure that there MANY more sources that I'm not even aware of. Do you see my point yet?

Calling it the Biblical Tree was probably a BIG mistake, because it really is so much more than that. This is really just the name I called it, three years back when I started, before I realized just how interconnected it all is. It includes pantheons for the Summarians, Greeks and romans to name only a few. So having a profile (or two) for G-d, is rather a minor detail. that said, I DO strive to keep the Biblical parts of it, as "kosher" as possible.

Maybe I should put the text of this comment into the Project page itself, but I'm sure people will STILL complain about it...

I am aware of the short-cut between this part of the tree and the present, I just haven't had the chance to track it down. It is almost certainly NOT in the biblical parts of the tree itself, but much later. Feel free to follow the path it shows between you and Adam, and tell me where to CUT the line. I would actually appreciate that VERY much.

10/19/2010 at 6:30 AM

Lets go and visit the Ancient Greek tree. There is more Gods as in any else part becouse most of famous Greek nobles had some God-father or God-mother.

Most funny is Aeneas line. Aeneas is grandson of Zeus.
Romulus&Remus are Aeneas King of Latium's 14th great grandsons. But becouse father of Romulus&Remus is Ares, husband of Apfrodite :) the geni report me that Aeneas and his descendants Roumulus&Remus are stepsons.

And last but not least - Ares is son of Zeus so Aeneas, Romulus and Remus all they have same grandfather.

I don't see ANY reason to delete this infromation from Geni :)


10/19/2010 at 6:32 AM

For me:

Adam / אדם הראשון / آدم . is my fourth cousin's ex-wife's husband's son's ex-wife's second cousin once removed's husband's sister's husband's 101st great grandfather.


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10/19/2010 at 7:08 AM

Shmuel, I see your point. Regards, David

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10/19/2010 at 7:13 AM

Shmuel: Re "Feel free to follow the path it shows between you and Adam, and tell me where to CUT the line. I would actually appreciate that VERY much.". I have sent you a separate message. Regards, David

Diane Woods
10/19/2010 at 9:35 AM

Oooops, I think I am sorry I brought this up. I really thought there was a mistake in a profile.

Everyone calm down. This is our hobby, not our life's bread. I got this information from the Popular Relatives tab, and I was under the impression that this were locked profiles and were "taken care of" by Geni. Just thought I would point out an error.

no problem at all. I AM the person taking care of these profiles, for Geni. :-)

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10/19/2010 at 10:55 AM

@Shmuel-Aharon Kam (Kahn / שמואל-אהרן קם (קאן: Given the topic at hand, I had to tell you how much I was amused by your last response; I don't even think it was done purposely. "אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה"

LOL Ian. * head-desk *
No that was not in anyway intentional (even if I did name my eldest "G-d's daughter". I wouldn't even have thought of it because, while I'm familiar with "I am that I am", this is not an expression to jumps to mind, mostly because that translation of the Hebrew is a terrible injustice. Hebrew and English are so different with regard to how they deal with TIME, that there really is NO way to properly translate that. {Eheyeh} אהיה is really a fluid continuous expression, while "I am" seems so... static.

1/17/2011 at 5:37 AM

Sorry, I am late joining this discussion. When I opened my tree the other day, I find that it now includes Greek Gods and Titans. WTF????
I for one, do not want my tree connected to some Biblical, Mythological, or other Fantasy characters. Or maybe we should include the belief systems of Druids, Wicca, Satanists and Scientology also. If that is to be the accepted practice, then why not include Superman (Kal-El) and his family from Krypton??? Just how ridiculous do you want to get?
It was my impression that this is a serious genealogy site, why is this nonsense being tolerated?

5/16/2012 at 5:08 AM

Regards Paul you must be very old about 500 or so.

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11/6/2012 at 4:42 AM

Kerry I agree. All this conjecture. Tjere's no way to prove all this fooliness. There's a big grap in the Bible between Adam and Eve and Noah. We don't even know how many years went by between the two sets of people. We don't know who walked the earth in that time persiod. We can't conect to God unless we connect to Jesus and we can't connect to HIM since we don't know for sure if he and Mary were acturally married and had children.

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11/6/2012 at 4:44 AM

As far as Greek andother Gods , go. There's no proof they ever exsisted.

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