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10/19/2010 at 4:45 PM

This family looks like part of that of Hezekiah Mann of Swanzey, N.H. I see Mollie's surname given as Larnard, which is unusual. I was thinking it was likely Curtis, as that name seems to be given in the NH state birth index. Do you have more info about the name or the family?

12/28/2011 at 8:52 PM

You are correct about this being the Hezekiah Mann family of Swanzey. I wish I knew where he came from before that. Mollie's maiden name was Curtis. The NH marriage index has Molly Curtis as well (10 October 1776). Her first name appears in more than one variation, but is "Mollie" on her gravestone. "Larnard" may have been her middle name or a family name. Hezekiah and Molly had a son named Calvin. Calvin and his wife Hortensia (Harty) Hill had a son named Larnard Mann. So I would guess Larnard is a family name back in the Curtis side of the family. Do you have any further information on Hezekiah or his origins?

1/5/2012 at 3:48 PM

I'm interested in Hezekiah and Molly because they had a daughter Lois, and I'm trying to identify the Lois Mann who married Joseph Lawrence of Alstead (another town in Cheshire Co., N.H.). Alstead had two candidate Mann families, those of Jacob and Larnard Mann. (Hence Molly's name being shown as Larnard ls of interest.)

The 1892 Swanzey history says that Hezekiah Mann and Molly (maiden name unknown) had Samuel, Sarah, Molly, Abigail, Calvin, Luther, Lois. I haven't pursued Hezekiah's background much because my connection to his Lois is not established yet. Do you have an age or birthdate for Hezekiah or Molly?

1/6/2012 at 8:31 AM

Robert, we should talk. I have a bunch of information that may be of interest to you. I have Hezekiah and Molly's dates and other information including earlier lineage (some circumstantial). I'm very sure Molly's name was Curtis (almost 100% sure) as Larnard is related to Hezekiah and both Curtis and Larnard are used in the family (one of their children has middle name "Curtis" for example -- Samuel I think). I am on my BlackBerry and don't have my computer handy but will write more later. It was a myth in my family that we were related to the Wrentham Manns and therefore Thomas and Horace, but we are not, except maybe WAY back.

1/7/2012 at 12:17 AM


I've been able to piece together our Mann family based on a lot of information collected by my great-grandmother Jennie Marion Johnson. Jennie was born in 1857 and so she personally knew many of the people involved and it was "recent history" to her. Jennie's father was Oscar W. Johnson of Fredonia, NY, and his father was William A. Johnson, who was married to Olive Mann (1801-1872). She is VERY hard to find in the records as the census records of the critical years 1810 through 1840 don't list females or even spouses by name. However, Jennie knew her grandmother Olive and that Olive's father was Samuel Mann (b. around 1776 in Cheshire County, NH and d. 1868 in Pomfret, Chautauqua County, NY -- death date not found anywhere else except Jennie Johnson's written notes). I have no reason to doubt her because she knew all these people.

Samuel's father was Hezekiah Mann (b. 1750, d. December 9, 1843) and his mother was Molly Curtis (b. May, 1761, d. December 18, 1829); see burial information below. In addition to the children of Hezekiah and Molly you list, there was also a son, Noah Curtis Mann (note the use of Molly's maiden name in one of her children) who is attested in the Swanzey NH birth records as having been born November 20, 1779, son of Hezekiah and Molly. Note that all those kids were listed as having "Canadian" ethnicity in the NH records. I think Hezekiah's family came to NH from Nova Scotia but haven't found proof yet. Anyway, Noah was between Sarah and Molly Mann in your list of children. There was also a late-arriving daughter of Hezekiah and Molly named Provided Mann, who was Lois' younger sister. Provided died at 19 in Hartford, and her headstone states that she is Hezekiah and Molly's (incorrectly spelled Maley as she also is in one census) daughter. Hezekiah died at age 93 and was buried in Old Hartford Cemetery in Hartford, Washington County, NY along with his daughter Provided Mann. If you use Find-a-Grave his memorial is #70066304. Molly and Hezekiah left Hartford and moved with other family members to Otsego County, NY, to a place called "Butternuts" (now called Morris), where the 1820 census shows Hezekiah and other Mann family members were living. Molly died there in 1829 and is buried there, in the Mann Cemeterey, Morris, Otsego County. Her Find-a-Grave Memorial is 28281764. Her gravestone states that she was "Wife of Hezekiah Mann Died Aged 68 years 7 months" which is how I calculated her birthdate as May 1761. Molly's name is spelled Molly, Maley, and Mollie in various records but it is "Mollie" on her headstone. Hezakiah Mann returned to Hartford, Washington County, NY after Molly's death, where he died December 29, 1843.

Looks like Lucy stayed in Cheshire County, NH and married Joseph Lawrence, Jr. and had three children (Lucinda Mann, Franklin, and James Mann Lawrence) and apparently died young when James was born in 1816, at age 27. Suspect you know all that already though.

Calvin Mann, son of Hezekiah and Molly, also moved to Butternuts, Otsego County, NY with Hezekiah, as did Calvin's brothers Samuel (my ancestor), Noah, and Luther and probably some of his sisters also, though if Lois did there is no record of it and she returned to NH. Calvin had a lot of children but I am not firmly able to link the ones I think are his to him other than circumstantially using the ages and sexes of the children in several pre-1850 census records.

In terms of the name "Larnard" used in this family, Larnard Mann is shown in the NH death records as dying on April 16, 1814 in Alstead, Cheshire County, son of Cornelius F. and Keziah Mann. There is also a garbled record for a Cornelius Mann in Cheshire County that shows his father's name as Samuel. There are a lot of confusing records, but I am thinking, without proof so far, that Larnard and Hezekiah were brothers.

In any case I would bet that this is your Lois.

1/7/2012 at 8:28 PM

Thanks for posting all that information. It will take me some time to digest it. As I was reviewing my papers, I came across this which should interest you if you haven't seen it:

The book Vital Records of Uxbridge, Mass (by Thomas W. Baldwin, 1916) shows Elizabeth (or Elisabeth) and Noah Curtis having these children in Uxbridge:
Samuel, b 8 Jul 1751;
Noah, b 20 Sep 1753;
Amariah, b 11 Apr 1756;
Molley, b 1 May 1760;
Calvan, b 10 Mar 1762;
Luther, b 2 Drp 1765.
I have other notes that Samuel, Noah, & Amariah Curtis were in Richmond, NH in 1776, and Samuel Curtis m Olive Cook 1774 in Richmond.

1/7/2012 at 8:37 PM

Errata: that should be:
Luther, b 2 Sep 1765.

8/24/2012 at 11:18 PM


Any further thoughts on this? I got someone at find-a-grave to take a picture of Molly Mann's gravestone and it is spelled "Molly" there, not "Mollie." Trying to prove that Hezekiah and Larnard were brothers, sons of Cornelius F. Mann of Cheshire County, but not much success there, except that as I mentioned before, Hezekiah and Molly's son, Calvin, named one of his sons Larnard.

I am 100% confident that Molly's maiden name was Curtis and not Larnard, because Molly Curtis had six brothers: Samuel, Noah, Amariah, Calvin, Luther, and Thaddeus. Hezekiah and Molly's four sons were named Samuel, Noah Curtis, Calvin, and Luther, IN THE SAME BIRTH ORDER. That can't be coincidental.

Also, I meant Lois above, not Lucy...


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