Nancy Hanks Lincoln (1784-1818)

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25.10.2010 в 12:27 до полудня

Burn-out approaching... probably going to give it a couple days rest (still have to finish up the timeline for Rebecca Nurse and family), and then try again. Maybe I'll have better keywords for Google imagined by then.

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25.10.2010 в 7:23 после полудня

I re-attached Lucy Hanks as the mother of Nancy Lincoln. I'll stop there for now until we can reach a consensus on what this part of the tree is supposed to look like.

25.10.2010 в 7:34 после полудня

I've added a bunch of Hanks and Hankins to the Project and did a big bibliography of previous Lincoln / Hanks genealogical research.

What's intriguing me is the Sparrow family connection so I think that family should be added to the Project as well. Also, interested in relating Hanks to Hankins (or proving they are separate families). I suspect we would have to go back England for that.

25.10.2010 в 7:36 после полудня

Have we tracked Hanks to Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks

25.10.2010 в 7:56 после полудня

It's an interesting question... in some versions apparently you can. But there are so many different versions...

Getting closer to being done with the Nurse family... after that, I can start to look the connections over again with less pressure. But you (or someone) might want to look over what Mimi has done and verify her work (attach references to documentation for his line). It looks like she has done a reasonably good job of the trace.

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26.10.2010 в 6:57 до полудня

Last night I merged all the duplicates for Tom Hanks and his Hanks ancestors but I could not connect them to Lucy Hanks. Wikipedia states that they are related but doesn't say how.

I just found one more Tom Hanks duplicate on the big tree that I missed last night and have merged him with the MP Tom Hanks. I don't have time to merge all the ancestors right now though (at work).

26.10.2010 в 11:44 до полудня

Still "Nursing"... if it hasn't been done by the time I get done with the Nurses (Salem Witch Trials), I'll see about jumping in on that... (may take a few days - just found a day-by-day chronicle to work with on the timeline there)

26.10.2010 в 2:26 после полудня

I expect great things from your witch. Be sure and show her off.

Read the PDF file Meg Verner posted. It's pretty convincing to me.

26.10.2010 в 2:39 после полудня

Hi Erica: If you are referring to the Genealogy Today one, I think I did look at that... there was one that looked quite convincing but lacked the documentation level I would hope for. In any case, I'm probably going to stick with "Nurse-ing" for now, because I'm too easily distracted and I'd like to get done with the Nurse profiles before making further guesses on which Hanks rumor to back.

26.10.2010 в 3:00 после полудня

LOL. Finish the witch! I need to pick a couple to build out before Halloween too.

Henry Hankins
1.7.2011 в 2:29 после полудня

Who is your "Hankins Quaker ancestor in TN."? Is it Richard H. 1733 -1800 of New Market, TN. OR William H. died 1824 in Greene County?

I am administrator of HANKINS DNA project. We have documented a HANKINS - HANKS connection that occurs probably back in UK before 1600.

1.7.2011 в 5:02 после полудня

Can you send me the link to your DNA project? Actually - publish it here, please!

My personal Hankins is not proven; I am SURE up to my 3rd great grandmother, Nancy Howton (1805-1836) The profile is not well sourced but other Howton researchers have long since verified the marriage and children.

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3.7.2011 в 7:53 до полудня

Since you're all working in this area...

I just inadvertently became curator of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the USA's profile. No one was listed as curator on the main page (how does that happen on MPs?), so when I clicked on the curator options to see if it was listed there, I winded up filling the gap.

If someone who actually knows about the line would like to take it over -- or better yet, if the original person curating it wants it back -- please please do so! :)

Henry Hankins
8.7.2011 в 10:13 до полудня
17.9.2012 в 9:33 после полудня

Nancy Hanks Lincoln was the daughter of Lucy Hanks. She, Lucy, was served indictment papers in Kentucky, for having a child out of wedlock. this is when she married Henry Sparrow, and the charges were dropped. All the paperwork to verify this still exists. There are no Shipleys in the Hanks family tree. I am a descendent of Thomas Hanks, the oldest brother of Lucy Hanks.

17.9.2012 в 9:36 после полудня

Lucy Hanks was the daughter of Joseph and Ann Lee Hanks, and was born in Virginia. He was the son of John and Catherine Hanks, and Ann was the daughter of William Lee. Joseph is listed in his will.

17.9.2012 в 9:39 после полудня

Vicky have looked over the Hanks tree on Geni for needed corrections?

18.9.2012 в 10:28 до полудня

Looking at Nancy Lincoln's (Mrs. Thomas, Abraham's mother) parents and grandparents -- viewed here: things do look a little confused on Geni at the moment. For example, there seem to be two Ann Lee's with confused dates.

Vicky Reany Paulson - Do you have some Sources that can be quoted or attached to some of those profiles, such as Joseph Hanks, which can help us sort this out?

18.9.2012 в 8:32 после полудня

There is a great deal of information, concerning these families. The Lees are very well documented. The first ancestor on the Hanks side was Thomas Hanks, who was imported by Gerald Fowke, and transported on a ship called The Rose,. England was practicing the Vagrancy Act, during this period. Thomas Hanks was a soldier under Cromwell's army, during the Civil Wars of England, and was captured and sold into 7 years of service. after the 7 years we find Thomas purchasing a great deal of property, and was quite wealthy. Records of him stop, during the period of the Indian Uprising, in this area. One son, William, remains. He marries Sarah Woodbridge, who's father is also a wealthy man. They move to the opposite side of the Rappahanock, where it is safer. Being illegal to not have your children baptized, these records exist at North Farnham Parish. They are William, Luke, and John, William appointed the executor of his fathers large estate, and guardian of John. John marries Catherine, and they have 9 children, all recorded at North Farnham Parish. Because he died when some of his children were very young,youngest age 6, there are court papers for Catherine, as to why her children are not bound out. No further action was taken, so she must have had enough income to raise them. Joseph was one of these children. He marries Ann Lee, daughter of William Lee Jr., who list Thomas Hanks, a cousin of Joseph and married to his daughter Elizabeth, or Betsy, and Joseph Hanks, who married his other daughter, in his will. joseph and Ann Lee have Thomas Hanks, of whom I am a descendent, Lucy Hanks, Joshua Hanks, William Hanks, Polly Hanks, Nancy Hanks, Charles Hanks, Joseph Hanks, and Elizabeth Hanks. The Lee's and the Hanks families lived next to each other for over 100 years, in Virginia. Ann's brother purchased land from William, in Kentucky. And when Joseph died, her son Joseph took her back to Virginia, to the Lee family, where she died. Ann was named for her grandmother Ann Lee, called Nancy as a nickname, and Joseph called her Nanny, as a nickname, following the tradition. Lucy Hanks name is alos a Lee name. Hope this helps. Lucy is the mother of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, as her Aunt Nancy was married to Levi Hall, and is buried next to Nancy Hanks Lincoln, in Indiana, as they died of milksick.

20.9.2012 в 12:41 после полудня

This time with hopefully the correct links:

Thank you, Vicky Reany Paulson!

I've begun untangling the information on Geni. In order to do that carefully, it would be helpful if you could provide some dates for me:

Let's start with these: "Joseph and Ann Lee have Thomas Hanks, of whom I am a descendent, Lucy Hanks, Joshua Hanks, William Hanks, Polly Hanks, Nancy Hanks, Charles Hanks, Joseph Hanks, and Elizabeth Hanks".

If you could give the dates for these, it would be very helpful.

I think I've correctly identified Ann "Nanny" Hanks (Lee)'s connection into the Lee clan ... does that look like the correct ancestry connection for her?

I'm also pretty sure I have the correct profile for Lucy's sister Nancy Hall (I'm not sure yet about the husband being "Squire" Levi Hall ... they have a son Squire Hall, and I'm wondering if the "Squire" on Levi's name is spurious.)

The dates for Nancy & Lucy's siblings would help to see if the already exist on Geni or whether they need to be created.

Thank you for your help!

20.9.2012 в 9:47 после полудня

Joseph Hanks, son of John and Catherine Hanks was born at North Farnham Parish on Dec. 20th, 1725. He married Ann Lee in 1758. Thomas was born in 1759. I lack birth dates for the rest of the children, Lucy, Joshua, William, Mary (Polly), Nancy, Charles, Joseph, Elizabeth. I have Thomas's, because he was one of three records denied pension for the revolutionary war. the records of those who received pensions have been destroyed, so I lucked out. Lucy married Henry Sparrow on April 26th, 1790, to avoid her indictment for fornication, brought in Kentucky, and was case dismissed when she married. They don't do that to widows, so it provides proof that Nancy Hanks Lincoln was illegitimate. Her sister, Nancy Hanks, was married to Levi Hall, ant their children were Lydia, William, squire, Sarah, Alfred, Joseph, Mahala, and Letitia. Squire married Matilda Johnston, Abe Lincoln's step sister. Nancy Hanks is the mother of Dennis Hanks, as well. I do have the spouses and children, and locations of most of the other siblings, as well, if you would like them. Census records are as close as one can get, for thier birthdays. Squire Hall was the guardian for his younger siblings, when both parents died of milksick, and are both buried next to Nancy Hanks Lincoln, with Elizabeth Hanks Sparrow and her husband Thomas Sparrow on the other side.

21.9.2012 в 9:11 до полудня

What is your view of the accuracy of the information reported here? (Herndon's Informants, edited by Douglas L. Wilson and Rodney O. Davis, 1998)

21.9.2012 в 9:13 до полудня

... hmmm ... just found a textual form of the same book:

21.9.2012 в 10:05 до полудня

That "Appendix" is interesting because it indicates Lucey had a 2nd child out of wedlock with an "unknown man in Kentucky", a Sarah Hanks (1787-1854) that had 6 children of her own out of wedlock (following precedent, evidently!).

All of this precedes her marriage to Henry Sparrow.

The timeline "hangs together" (consistent & reasonable).

That "Appendix" only lists name and dates for "your" Thomas Hanks, Vicky Reany Paulson: It will be nice to get the rest of Thomas' descendants attached (I haven't been looking for them yet on Geni while straightening out the rest of this!)

21.9.2012 в 11:33 до полудня

Vicky Reany Paulson -- it looks like that "Appendix" document (reference in preceding note) has all of the children you list for Joseph & Ann (dates don't put them in the same order, but they are there.)

They (mostly?) seem to be on Geni -- I'm in the process of moving them into the correct family!

I will note that only your Thomas Hank's wife is present at the moment -- If you provide more of their details & descendants, I'll get them added; then I can add you as a manager of them so you can fill in additional details and "stories" for them! See Thomas here: Thomas Hanks

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21.9.2012 в 3:51 после полудня

Dan, I have distant Lincoln connections - through the Boones and the Lees. If I am curating any of the Hanks profiles, feel free to take them over. It makes sense to have just a couple Curators responsible for an important line. Since you are doing the work, you should have the profiles.

21.9.2012 в 4:13 после полудня

Ditto of course, Dan.

21.9.2012 в 4:55 после полудня

I'm only changing the 'curated' message in very few cases; mostly just adding more MP's. Of course, the last person to modify the 'curator message' now "owns it"!

The "Hanks" line is the only one that is currently needing much work; everything else is (so far) just "peripheral" to the Hanks.

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21.9.2012 в 5:53 после полудня

well, keep up the good work, Dan, it's greatly appreciated.

22.9.2012 в 5:34 после полудня

I am Vicky Reany Paulson, and find your site very interesting. I am a descendent of Thomas Hanks, Lucy Hanks sparrow's oldest brother. Lucy was the mother of Nancy Hanks. Her sister, Nancy Hanks Hall also had an illigitmate chid, Dennis Hanks. There are no Shipley's in our family tree. I have studied our genealogy for 35 years, and had several living Hanks relatives to answer my questions, and they were kind enough to leave me many documents, and photographs, to verify our family tree. The canvas rendition done of Nancy Hanks Lincoln looks exactly like several of my great-great Aunts. Oh course there are no photos of her, in existance. The book Caroline Hanks Hitchcock wrote is incredably wrong. She has the men married to Shipleys, who were truely married to women with other names The census and tax rolls prove there were no Hankses living in Amelia County, when she proclaimed they did. The branch of Hanks she uses are proven, by the DNA study of 2006, to be no relaion to Lincoln. Only the Virginia Hanks decendents are. The Abraham Hanks she uses in her book was in fact an indentured servant Turner Hanks aquired, because his previous Master mistreated him, as court documents provide this information. His would have been 74 years old, at the time Lucy Hanks was born. Not possible, because he died before he reached that age!!! He is no relation to the Virginia hanks family. I have also found many errors in the Barber book, so it is not a reliable source either. Yes, the first American ancestor was Thomas Hanks, who had nearly 3,000 acres of propery near the Rappahanock River, in Virginia. He arrived here in 1643, as an indentured, being a captured soldier in Cromwell's Army, during the English Civil Wars. He was paying taxes in Malmesbury, in 1642.

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