There is another John Emery from a generation earlier!

Started by David Lee Kaleita on Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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11/9/2010 at 7:59 AM

I've done a lot of research on this branch over the years, and (if I am correct) the version of history shown so far in this project seems to be missing a generation (between what this project is showing as the first and second generation), and having Alice B. connected to the wrong John. My records are mostly paper, so I did a search of the internet and found the following site that almost exactly agrees with my own research:

Noite what it says about the first John and Alice:

"The history of the surname Emery is ancient. The original usage came to France with the followers of Rollo of Denmark in their invasion of Normandy and then transferred to England at the time of William in 1066. The source of the name is supposedly “from Almarich, Exalted Ruler (of the Gothics); this name was transformed to Amalic, Amaury, Amiery, etc to Amery and then Emery. There are those that feel the specific Emery lineage was brought to England from France by those Hugenots fleeing after the massacre at St. Bartholomew on 12 August 1572. They speak of one Jean Emery who fled from Longue, Champagne “shortly after the massacre”. The French name “Jean” equates to the English name “John”. However, the chronology of our Emery lineage does not quite fit the Hugenot lineage. Our recorded lineage commences with one John Emery who married, on 10 May 1565 (seven years prior to the “massacre”) at Winchester, Hampshire (Hants), Alice Banet. Subsequent Emery generations of Emery were from Romsey, Hants which is located about eight/nine miles southwest of Winchester. Romsey is a rare old town in Hampshire located on the river Esk which was the Aulton river in the early Romas times. Two items that might be cogent to the Hugenot lineage considerations are that many of the Hugenots who fled France settled in the Romsey, Hants area and the name of John’s wife, “Banet” is of French origin. Our John Emery is noted as having been born in Winchester ca 154x and died on 16 June 1594 at Romsey, Hants. The birth and death date and ancestry of Alice Banet is unknown. The only known children of John and Alice Banet Emery are two sons, i.e., John 2 which follows and Thomas who married Tomasine Carter in 1597. The second child is by inference."

References are also accessible through that site.

The missing generation is John Emery (c.1576-c.1627). See what I inserted in the About Me section of his profile at John Emery, II

11/9/2010 at 10:35 AM

David I have not been able to do research beyond John the imigrant - - everything is what others has done - - sent and tried to force on others over the years without documentation - - here is a conglomerationg of this research mostly undocumented as presented by descendants -

about the time my XP went dead the end of aug. i had a collection of e-mails - informataion on research of others concerning the Northend's and the I foud some of it on a back up CD - but it is not converting over to my emery folder - - REMC would either cut the power off for just a few seconds just long enough to shut everything down and mess everythign up - and then the XP would 'freeze-up' while uploading or downloading resulting in lost dta and files I need to find the means to access my data drive of the XP - therepairing bill to make it run which including power supply, mother board i think and ram was $400+ and they prefaced it with they would not guarantee it would run after all that expense was put into it - so I done with freebies of a 95 1g single hard drive and a 98SE 4g single drive verse my XP with 2 80g drives - - finally the end of 2009 was able to get theis off the shelf windows7 hp.

i have let others do the research - on the English ancestry and battle it out between them selves one person doing the research is noble emery at ther files i find deal witht the northend and were sent to him by a Ken burns -

AS you will see from the pages and data listed there in/on the preface page - the English ancestry has changed bumerous times over the last 34+ years and each swear that their research is the correct version - - My head begins to swin when if get into comparing these versions trying to mess them together if at all possible and and make them connect like everyong wants to do or is trying to do -

You can take anything off these pages and tyr to make sense of them if you can and add the to the tree - - I chose to go no further than
what the last few years or decade everyone seemed tohave settled on as the parents of john and Anthony - as being John and Alice Banet/Bante with ever changing dates, siblings etc. and of course this all was offered with absolutetly no true accurate documentation -

maybe this is "chickening out" but but since I have not had access to English records - and against one gets done going through all the LDS/IGI ; them family trees available on the internet - and thorough one just wants to 'give up the ship'

i will opt the English ancestry to you and others as I have in the last 34 years I have never felt very comfortable with any of it since it bore little or no documentation at all - it was sent - was to agree with it and make it fact

I have wondered if we will ever find the true Egnlish ancestry of John and Anthony.

i know it has been a grand mess for years... well if you note really since they done the Emery genealogy in 1890 as there was the Hugenot theory presented to the emery association back then - and no descendant has been able to document it since that time aor so it seems and thats been 120 years+

Maybe some of us have done wrong in accepting the parents as John and Alice banet/Bante - but it seems that the last decade for soem reason most Emery researchers were settling for those as the paretns of john and Anthony

11/9/2010 at 10:48 AM

I've already made the corrections to the tree that I am proposing. Take a look:

11/17/2011 at 7:59 AM

I'm Brittany Ann Emery!! Daughter of Diana Lynn Emery and Gerald Lee Emery!!! :)

11/21/2011 at 9:34 AM

Brittany Ann Emery, I'm having trouble tracing your last name to the historical Emery's. Was your mother once married to an Emery who isn't shown in your tree?

11/21/2011 at 11:51 AM

yes she was married to garold emery

11/22/2011 at 1:20 AM

@David Lee Kaleita

brittany is my cousin's wife's daughter and i have her detailed under her mother's name @<private> Emery (Breeden)

she was married to Gerald @Gerald Lee Emery

son of Thomas Leonard @Thomas Leonard Emery

brother to my mother @<private> Emery

children of Clarence Ovid Emery @Clarence Ovid Emery

son of charles Sigel@ Charles Sigel Emery

son of Nathaniel @Nathaniel Emery

Son fo ambrose @Ambrose Emery, Jr

son of Ambrose @Ambrose Emery

son of James @James Emery, Sr.

son of Johnathan @Jonathan Emery

son of John of Newbury @John Emery, III

plus her grandparents Marvin and wilma (Reed) Breeden are of Greene county indiana .

gerald spoke of brittany tho by name and I am very delighted that she contacted me

I am the one that connected her to my family tree because of her mother and her mother being married to my cousin and she does carry the Emery name tho she is not a biological child of gerald's she does belong in the tree! We have many adopted Emery's within the tree i am sure that are not stated as such, Tho in my research i have always made it clear whether they were biological, adopted or foster children and I have conneced her up properly and will help her with her grandparents ancestry if and when she wishes or as i find information on them - - evenntually most greene county people connect to each other is a distant ways if not at least once but possibly two or more times

11/22/2011 at 6:09 AM

hey!! :)

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