Why have my ancestors disappeared? Give them back please.

Started by Chet Leo Spencer on Sunday, November 21, 2010


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11/21/2010 at 9:44 AM

My Direct male blood realatives of my fathers line earlier than my 9th Great Grandfather have disappeared. They where there when I uploaded my GEDCOM and they were there up until recently. Does GENI have a 10 generation limit now?

BTW my tree will not load in IE8 or Chrome, anyone else have this problem?


11/21/2010 at 9:56 AM

Actually my tree works now!! Thanks for fixing that, I still need my missing family members back though.

there is no limit. Presently the "big-tree" goes back some 150 generations all the way to Adam of Eden. Due to privacy limitations, I can't tell which line is your direct male blood-line, but you DO have about 2600 male ancestors earlier than your 9th great grandfathers, including 61 10th great grandfathers.

So could you link to a specific profile, to give us a better idea what you refer to? Also, please take into account that that far back, you are deep into the historical tree, which is currently undergoing a major clean-up effort. So a connection may have been removed by accident or on purpose if deemed historically incorrect.

11/24/2010 at 6:20 PM

Thank you for taking a moment to help me! It looks like some merging got messed up, as I used to be able to straight back to this Relative. This is my Male line straight back. MY FTDNA testing suggests this is accaurate. :)

Guillaume III "Talvas" de Bellême, comte de Ponthieu et d'Alencon?

I noticed there was something wrong when I find crazy relations to Princess Diana Spencer she's my cousin but GENI shows me being related through a mothers line.

Thanks again for your help, I'm sure this will get straightened out somehow.

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6/11/2011 at 8:26 PM

Not sure what happened, but at one point I had over 40,000 ancestors. Then it dropped to 30,000ish ancestors. I was ok with that thinking the tree was getting cleaned up. Now I have approximately 10,000 ancestors less in one day...what happened?

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6/12/2011 at 10:24 AM

@ If 'K' as Curator does not know, who should know?

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6/12/2011 at 10:29 AM

Curators aren't "know-it-alls." We just have extra functions that allow us to help other users. As far as a serious disappearing problem, a month ago I had over 40,000 ancestors. Now, I'm at 24,047, but a week ago I had over 30,000.

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